the nightmare begins !! .....

  ali1ear 15:12 03 Dec 2007

I did know this would happen, I did, but I refused to believe I was right, instead I suffocated the inner voices, deafened my one ear and blindly swaggered on. And precisely one week after the warranty became null and void the unspeakable began (that was two days ago). What am I talking about exactly? Well I didn't know the details exactly until today after confirming my suspicions after reading several forums including Dell's own (a common problem, quite old and yet strangely unanswered) and this page on another forum - click here

If you read this you'll understand my fury, my nightmare .. how it starts, like a dripping bath tap .. and ends with me pulling out my gloriously rich and thick manly mane.
If you can help, if you have an answer , please do respond here or my email -
[email protected]

  johnnyrocker 15:15 03 Dec 2007

do not publicise e mails in forums that is what the yellow envelope is for


  anskyber 15:19 03 Dec 2007

If it's recent have you tried system restore. I'm afraid the timing of the problem (to you as opposed to others) is not clear.

  Meshuga 15:33 03 Dec 2007

That reads like a Mills and Boon novel, PLEASE,just a Simple Clear description of a problem will suffice.

  woodchip 15:46 03 Dec 2007

Check Your Anti-Virus is not checking the Drive at boot

  beynac 15:53 03 Dec 2007

After looking at the link you gave, I am assuming that your problem is that, on startup, the fan comes on and the computer (CPU) slows down. Bear in mind that it's the high level of CPU activity which is starting the fan, rather than the fan slowing the CPU. How long does this last? It could just be your antivirus program (or, for example, Windows Defender) updating.

What is your OS (XP, Vista)? Are you by any chance using Avast? My wife had the same problem with her laptop (not Dell) and I found that it was Avast updating which caused the high level of activity. I uninstalled Avast and installed AVG. Since then she has had no further problem.

Please let us have some more details of the problem.

  wee eddie 15:54 03 Dec 2007

Firstly - Not quite as johnnyrocker says. You're a nincompoop to publish your e-mail address in open Forum (the Spammers could harvest it). You obviously did not read the Advice to Beginners, very carefully, when you joined.

Secondly - we all discuss our problems in 'Open Forum' so that any possible Solution is open to any other Member who might have the same or a similar problem.

Thirdly - I know that you've published a Link to another Forum (an excusable faux-pas) but you have not told us your problem in your own words.

  ali1ear 16:06 03 Dec 2007

.. for all my misdemeanors I'm using a library desktop so at least my language must be clean.
Forgive me my dullness but I thought that was what links were for. And the link was pretty self explanatory no?

  ali1ear 16:10 03 Dec 2007

i've been dull again.. my last message should have been more explanatory , no I don't have the internet personally (sore point) so the problem isn't caused by heavy cpu usuage/downloads etc and Im using AVG 7.5 and I don't think it is the source of the dodgy startups/slowness and wizzing fan.

  anskyber 16:16 03 Dec 2007

You still have not told us how long you have had the problem.

  Totally-braindead 16:24 03 Dec 2007

I clicked on your link and it took me too a post from someone called BenBenMan. Is this you? The posts over a year old. What exactly is the problem because all I see is some mention of a intermittant boot problem, is that whats wrong?

Have you had this problem since July 2006 if that is whats wrong?

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