Nickel Metal Hydride Batts. - charging

  monkeyshine 16:14 30 Apr 2003

Does anyone know what the consequences of charging the above batteries on Ni-Cad setting of a charger would be. I did this inadvertently and the batteries are reading 'fully charged' but they won't give out any power.

  woodchip 16:24 30 Apr 2003

They are reading wrong they are not charged, as cadmium charger will not charge them

  ton 16:25 30 Apr 2003

I believe that the Ni-Cad setting would not charge the batteries fully. Should have done no harm, just charge on the Met-Hyd. setting and they should be ok.

  monkeyshine 16:29 30 Apr 2003

They were on the Ni-Cad cgarge for about 5 hours after which the charger showed fully charged, the batteries also show fully charged. I suppose I have ruined them but would like to know what has actually happened to them.

  monkeyshine 16:30 30 Apr 2003

I tried putting them on the correct setting but they get really HOT!

  woodchip 16:33 30 Apr 2003

They do get very hot but it's no problem, even in the right charger

  monkeyshine 16:36 30 Apr 2003

They only ever got warm before, now these ones are almost too hot to habdle.

  ton 16:40 30 Apr 2003

As woodchip said, they do get very hot, this is normal. Make sure they are in the charger the correct way round. If they were charged in the Ni-Cad setting this certainly should not have ruined them as they would just have got less charge.

  wotan 19:54 30 Apr 2003

Monkeyshine, I have just purchased a new charger which charges both Ni-Cad and Ni-Mh batteries. It has a switching mode and warns not to mix the two types being charged and to be sure not to select the wrong setting "as they use two different technologies and this could result in damage to the batteries ." This warning is from the supplied instruction sheet enclosed with my Uniross charger, and I assume it applies to whatever make of batteries you are using, so it looks as though you have knackered them.

  siouxah1 20:11 30 Apr 2003


I think it unlikely that using NiCad rate to charge NiMH will cause damage to the batteries. But could the other way round. The output on a uniross is the same for both types. But longer time for NiMH. The uniross uses a timer for the charge.

If when you charged at NiCad rate you did not discharge before charging at the NiMH rate, then they could well be overcharged and cooked.

This is of course for batteries of both types being of the same capacity.(mAh)

Regards Brian j

  monkeyshine 20:14 30 Apr 2003

I think you are probably right. They NEVER got hot before, just warm. Reckon I'll just bin them and make sure I use the proper setting in future.

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