Nice Easy Raid Question

  Peanut001 14:58 01 Jan 2004

Going to Get a sata Raid controller card and two drives, will i be able to use a cd-r instead of a floppy for the driver.
I don't see why not but thought i'd check as i don't use a floppy anymore and no point having it just for raid???

  Chegs ® 15:10 01 Jan 2004

SATA can give grief.
click here

  Peanut001 15:52 01 Jan 2004

already read that, i only wanna know if i can use a cd-r instead of floppy?

  Peanut001 17:53 04 Jan 2004

oh come on, someone must know??

  mrdsgs 18:09 04 Jan 2004

if your intention is to put the new/only operating system on the sata raid then the answer to your somewhat abrupt (?) repeated question is no.

The reason?

You have to install the sata raid drivers very early in the installation, before cd drivers are loaded from the os installation cd. That is why motherboard manuals that accompany raid equipped boards require you to copy the drivers from motherboard cd to a floppy.

If you are adding sata raid to an existing setup then there is no reason why you can't load drivers from within control panel by telling the driver search to look on the cd.

The more obvious solution is to follow the instructions that come with the sata raid card


  mrdsgs 19:24 04 Jan 2004

oh come on, you must have seen the answer?? (lol!)

  Peanut001 19:52 04 Jan 2004

so in that case i can do it, by using old cd drivers and copying them across with edited autoexec.bat and config.sys files.
used to have to use in pre win95 systems.

Didnt mean to be abrupt but i had to get the question back up to the top of list.

If you are carrying out a fresh install using XP and a new SATA drive, windows will send up a message early on asking to press F6 if using a SATA HDD. It will then give the message that it has not found a HDD drive and to press S to load drivers, which then direct you to Drive A (floppy).RAID PCI cards usually come with floppy drivers rather than CD,s since the drivers are very small programmes.
As mrdsgs says, if your controller only comes with a CD, you have to copy the drivers to floppy.
If you have an existing windows XP you have to set up the RAID array prior to driver installation, you then boot up to windows.When the new hardware wizard appears, you can then insert your CD to install the software.Again, as mrdsgs says, follow the instructions that came with your controller, and you can't go wrong - in theory.

Having recently set up a RAID array in XP, I think to avoid any hassle, I would advise investing a few pounds in a floppy drive - pundits may proclaim them dead ducks, but they still have uses.:)

  Peanut001 22:43 04 Jan 2004

no dont worry i know what i'll do.

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