Nice ....

  provider 2 12:20 24 Nov 2010

... to see the PC Advisor page has moved back to centre-stage (Firefox and Adblock Plus with the EasyList subscription filter).

Any chance they will leave it alone now?

  Graphicool1 13:14 24 Nov 2010

I wasn't aware it had changed? Nothing has changed for me, since the last time we spoke on here regarding all the ads dissapearing. They never came back.

I know why I nolonger get the annoying pop-ups, this is because I use 'Simple Adblocker'. But as for the rest, down the sides and across the top 'Nothing' and I can't find out why? Not that I care though, good riddence is what I say.

  birdface 13:30 24 Nov 2010

Hi provider 2 if you mean that it has moved from the left hand side I would not have thought that that would have been anything to do with PCA it was a Adblock Plus problem.
It has been centre stage for me for a while using no script.
I Stopped using Adblock Plus because of it.

  provider 2 14:15 24 Nov 2010


It`s not a major problem really but I think due to both PC Advisor and Adblock Plus with the EasyList filter.

My PC Advisor webpages on Firefox have been left- shifted since August.

At that time mgmcc suggested:

`The problem appears to arise when this "stylesheet" is blocked by Adblock Plus:

http :// cdn . inskinmedia . com / isfe / 4.1 / css / base . css

(without the spaces!)`

The solution was to unblock the stylesheet but I didn`t fancy that much and left it as it was. Now, the page is back centre again so I assume they`ve decided not to use inskinmedia, or perhaps use something else that doesn`t have this unfortunate side-effect.

Web pages are a lot more complicated than they look, aren`t they? Especially when you consider what`s coming down the tubes (perfectly legally) in your direction ... click here

My paranoia showing again, I suppose ;0)

  Chris the Ancient 09:28 25 Nov 2010

The page centralised yesterday and now it's back to left align again today!

  Ibanez2010 09:53 25 Nov 2010

Still not working properly here.

  provider 2 10:49 25 Nov 2010

... spoke too soon, it seems.

Mine has resumed the left-alignment too with a wide, vertical, black slab on the right.

No adverts though, so it`s maybe not so much a web page as a compromise.

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