Newuser4608 Please help!!

  Housten 17:52 07 Dec 2011

Good afternoon,

Many apologies for the long gap, but I have had some horrendous problems, not only in my life but with my computer. I tried to add this to your previous post - but there was no area for a reply!! Is this what happens when resolved gets ticked? Anyway I suppose it probably is better to start a new thread?? Or is it? I don't know, all I know is that I need your help!!!

Anyway it is the computer that I am asking you for help with, or more specifically MS Money and the computer.

I have installed it, but there is no icon on my desktop, so – obviously – I can’t move it down to my ‘speedy’ access bar at the bottom of my screen. Now before going any further I should explain that what I have installed is ‘Money2005-IntEngl-QFE”.exe.exe’ which is 24,898KB in size. I have also found that I have ‘MS-Money-2005-14-0-120.1105.iso downloader.exe’ which is 4,524 KB in size.

My intention was that if I did get the programme running I would learn from this, get used to it and then use Revouninstaller to totally wipe it out, save my Quicken files [ so they are right up to date ] and then re-install MS Money, import the Quicken files, sort any quirks out and be ready to carry on. But this isn’t looking like it could happen at the moment and so I would appreciate any and all help/information/advice you could give me.

So what I would like to know : Have I the correct copy of MS Money? If so, how do I get an icon onto my desk top? { I can assure you that I have tried what I normally do to get an icon on to my desktop! )

I admit that I wanted to know everything was working OK, but I have not imported any Quicken files, I just entered 6 shares, their purchase date and cost, and have tried to update these. NOTHING! So what am I doing wrong, or have your updates stopped now? If not, please, help a brain dead pensioner understand what he is doing wrong, so that I can correct my errors!!

I will admit this could take a few posts, but I will try to get myself sorted and up to date as quickly as possible!

In the meantime many thanks for any – and all – help you can give me.

  Ian in Northampton 18:35 07 Dec 2011

I can't comment on the version of Money you're using, and whether it's the correct one. I don't know if this helps at all, but I use Money 97 - yes, you read that right - on Windows 7 and XP, and have never found a way to put a shortcut on the desktop. The only thing I've ever been able to do is to put the actual .exe file on the desktop, and run it from there - or right click on it, create a shortcut and then drag the shortcut to the taskbar/quicklaunch bar.

  Pineman100 10:37 08 Dec 2011

I can't give any specific advice about MS Money, but as a general principle here is how to place a shortcut on the desktop for any programme that has been correctly installed at that appears in your All Programs list, on the Start menu.

  • With the desktop showing on your screen, click the start button.
  • Hover your cursor over "All Programs" until the list opens.
  • Find the programme that you want to be able to launch from a desktop shortcut. Hover your cursor over it so that it highlights.
  • Hold down Ctrl and press and hold your left mouse button.
  • Keep Ctrl and the left mouse button pressed while you drag the cursor across from the Start menu on to the desktop. (You should see a + sign against the cursor when it gets on to the desktop).
  • Now release your mouse button, then the Ctrl key (not the other way around).

You'll now get a shortcut on your desktop that will launch your programme.

  Housten 11:01 08 Dec 2011


Thank you very much, I have usually just had to click on a programmes's icon and 'send' to get it where I want! Your advice will not only help me with this but as a good step to remember for the future.

Many, many thanks.

All I need now is for Newuser4608, to tell me what I am doing wrong, and I should be well away!!

  Pineman100 12:32 08 Dec 2011

Yes, it's a useful and quick technique to keep in mind. Glad to help.

  Ian in Northampton 19:09 08 Dec 2011

Interesting. The way I've always done it has been either to right click on the relevant program from the Start menu, click on 'Create Shortcut' and drag it to the desktop - or locate the .exe file in Windows Explorer and do the same thing.

  Pineman100 19:19 08 Dec 2011

Ian - Windows offers many ways to do most things. But just so long as the cat gets skinned...!

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