newsgroups and usernet

  Desperate-Dan 09:22 15 Nov 2007

Hi, can someone please explain how usernet works I want to get movies and music I've heard if you join newsgroups and usernet you can get media much faster, I don't understand. whats the differance between forums and newsgroups and how does it all work, my ISP is AOL winxp

  silverous 10:09 15 Nov 2007

You can think of usenet like one big forum with lots of forums beneath it but also the ability to store files within threads. It is also distributed ... i.e. it doesn't run on a single address. It also isn't a "website" like this forum is - it has its own protocol, client programs, servers etc.

This might be an overly technical explanation but perhaps worth a read:

click here

Getting movies and music via usenet is something you need to be a bit careful about in terms of copyright, legal issues etc.

  silverous 10:11 15 Nov 2007

Oh, and a quick way to experience it is to switch to the "groups" tab on google. Google groups is an archive of usenet postings going back to 1981 and allows reading and posting to usenet - note it also includes Google's groups as well as usenet.

  silverous 10:12 15 Nov 2007

And by the way - if you are looking for a solution to a problem I often find that swithcing your query from google web to google groups will yield results as people post technical information on usenet.

  €dstowe 11:19 15 Nov 2007

Usenet newsgroups have, unfortunately, become major distributors of porn, viruses and other undesirable things.

The alternative Google groups are rapidly going the same way.

  Desperate-Dan 18:05 15 Nov 2007

Thanks to all for your help, I think I'll just stick with the forums

  silverous 23:17 15 Nov 2007

Edstowe is correct but I stand by my assertion that you'll often find techie postings on groups/usenet that will solve problems whereas you'll have to trawl through 5 pages of google 'web' results to get the answer.

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