News items - Add a New Comment - HOW TO?

  Covergirl 12:43 06 Jul 2011

Does anybody have an idea how to post a comment on a news article? Mine always has a text box with a "Please Wait . . . " in it.

To see what I mean, go to PCA home page, click any news article and underneath the article there's a comments section.

I see a few comments have been added to various articles but I am unable to do so.

There is a "Login" button (link) which opens a Login or Register box with various options - so do we have to log in to post a comment now? It always used to be there and anonymous (if that was what you wanted) but now we have to use our Facebook or Google id - is this right?

  Covergirl 12:49 06 Jul 2011

OK, I logged into this Disqus thing via my gmail account and guess what? No apparent difference. I've still got the Please Wait . . . in the comments box. And it now says Logout (of Disqus) so I'm logged in.

I'll get me coat . . .

  lotvic 13:05 06 Jul 2011

When I tried, (already logged in to pca forum) and clicked on 'Post As...' I got a pop up box 'Who are you?' with my details already filled in - my email address and name it showed my real name and not my forum user name.

Perhaps these are editable but I didn't post a comment just in case (I chickened out)

I tried several articles but couldn't find any with any comments already on?

  gengiscant 13:21 06 Jul 2011

I have just tried it,no problems, Testing

  lotvic 16:21 06 Jul 2011

gengiscant, can't see a comment from you on that page you link to. Just one comment from another forum member that's not you.

Covergirl, I just clicked inside the comment box. I didn't click on the 'Disqus' button

I still don't know if you have to be logged in or if you can comment anonymously (not logged in)

  gengiscant 16:56 06 Jul 2011

It was there???????

  lotvic 17:53 06 Jul 2011

gengiscant, your comment doesn't show for me. Just one comment from Jwarn on that page.

  Covergirl 17:56 06 Jul 2011

Well, the comments box becomes active now I'm at home on IE9 - it must be incompatible with IE7, my favourite lunchtime browser.

  Covergirl 17:57 06 Jul 2011

Yes, I can only see a comment from JWARN too

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