newly built pc crashing????

  stephen0205 17:56 14 Aug 2007

Hey guys my new pc keeps crashing, freezing, the specs are as follows.

Amd athlon x2 3800
1024mb of ddr 2
nvidia geforce 8400
200gb stat hard drive.

it has windows xp media center, proper disks activated and i have installed all the updates, so i see no problem , my dad builds pc' and i had him chech the way i wired it and he says its all wired fine and he tested voltages and they all seem fine, its really frustrating when it wont work and it should. I dont know what to do, im in need of assistance so if anyone can help id be grateful.

  SANTOS7 17:58 14 Aug 2007

do you get a DSOD or any error message that may point to the problem...

  Trackrat 18:01 14 Aug 2007

What motherboard do you have and what is the make of your memory, also is it one stick of ram or two?.

  sunny staines 18:48 14 Aug 2007

run memstest click here sounds like faulty ram.

  umbongo(uk) 20:37 14 Aug 2007

sounds to me program confliction

how to find out !

start computer in safe mode and run it for a while
if it aint crashing or bsod erroring then youve installed somthing creating the error

if it still crashes then turn off reseat everything
use only the components need
1 stick ram ,cpu,gfx card if its needed,
try again only add the second stick of ram or switch it if needed if all seems fine
then start adding your other components one at a time to eliminate them from the issue at hand

remember when you first install on to a computer always
seat all the components
0.clear cmos
1.install os
2.install motherboard driver disc
3.add graphics driver if you have a grfx card device
4.install anti virus software/modem drivers if you need em
5.let the microsoft auto update kick in add all your own programs
7.scan for malware /trojans etc
8.defrag it all

at any point the system hangs or reboots youll know when it did and can remove the conflicting program or if possible get an update from the relevant site

  stephen0205 22:27 14 Aug 2007

hi i dont get the blue screen of death, im not sure about my memory, it dosent seem to be branded. It was a bundle with my mobo and processor. I have a asrock alive stat 2 motherboard and it has 2x 512mb sticks of ddr 2.

Is there not away that i can diagnois the pc without having to reinstall windows and all my software.

  woodchip 22:30 14 Aug 2007

My guess as a first check is CPU over Heating. Try comp with side off and point Desk fan at the innards

  Storik 22:34 14 Aug 2007

Seems I have the same idea as Woodchip.

How long does you computer run before crashing and do you have a couple of case cooling fans installed. Airflow is probably best running from front to back, across the motherboard and CPU.

May help. :)


  umbongo(uk) 11:04 15 Aug 2007

so your saying the system runs fine in safe mode

uninstall any software you put on after the os load and mobo drivers
then retry the system
if it still crashes/bsod
remove and replace the drivers for the motherboard
that came on the disc
or better still go to the motherboard manufacturers and download any new drivers issued
also check the faq on the motherboard you have others may have posted on the manf site about this

i cant see it being a hardware issue as YET
because you say it all loaded up fine from installation to this point and thats well over a couple of hours up time(enough to heat up the components)

if all this is failling a reinstall may be the only solution just to make sure its not a software issue
and when you do this just run windows with nothing else for a while this will show wether it is somthing youve added later causing the problem
srry mate but this is software for you

check cpu temps in bios if they dont go above 50 on idle, i cant see a heat problem .yours will prolly be 37/42
(you did remember to remove any plastic film from the bottom of the cpu ,somtimes they come with this)

run memtest ,,but with the crashing issue in play you wont be able to, so its catch 22 unless u can test it on another system
also remember use one stick and alternate if one isnt working

hope some of this info is helping

  stephen0205 17:18 15 Aug 2007

ok guys i reformatted the pc, installed windows and my wir drivers, mobo drivers and printer drivers, no other software. The pc was running fine and it insalled the windows updates, then it just crashed. froze up then a blackscreen with the mouse, i can move the mouse but cant get back to windows. Seems to run fine in safe mode but i wasnt in it that long. And the pc has 2 huge fans instde the case.

  stephen0205 17:38 15 Aug 2007

i checked the cpu tempriture and its been about 36.c => 38.c, i take it that this is about the average .

also when u the pc crashed this time i got an error report an it said that these 2 files cause it and i dont have a clue what they are.



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