Newlt repaired Desktop -still showing problems

  SparkyJack 11:58 19 Sep 2012

One of my flo9ck has received back their HP desktop running Vista from Curry after a repair involving a replaced hard drive'

The machine run for a while then Gave BASD.

It seems no extras programs have been loaded it only use is E mail/ Surfing and playing the Windows on-board card games.

Fortunately the good lady managed to copy down the BSD- legend [*not many manage to do that]]not many manage to do that]

Here is the BSD text. Problem Signature Problem event name blue screen

OS version 6.6002.2.29.768.3

locale I/D 2067 Addit info about ther problem

BC CODE 106008e BCP1 COOOOOO5 BCP2 81C3C 300 BPC3 A96A9694

Does this indicate any thing to you Guys?

  xania 13:24 19 Sep 2012

I don't think Curry have done a good job of fixing your parishoner's PC. I would recommend she takes it back to the store and gets them to do the job properly - the reapir should havea warranty period. It may help if she gives them a copy of the report, although they should be able to see this for themselves.

  SparkyJack 12:39 21 Sep 2012

Any further thoughts on this one?

To re iterate,newly 'repaired' with newbhard drive. No newvsoftwarevloaded. Being used for e mail/surfing/on borad games as 'straght ot the box' Will still shut down and then come back with either 'safe mode' option or BSD Previuos repars apparently included replaiced memory. Therev is onlyvthe MoBo left I guess

  lotvic 13:38 21 Sep 2012

I would only be looking for hardware problems if the BSOD's happened regularly. An occasional one is not unusual if due to software problem.

The Signature Problem causing a Blue Screen looks like software to me.

  SparkyJack 15:49 21 Sep 2012

Th ank you Lotvic The signature- line also suggested a software issue But as said as the machine is used straight from the box with only the on board Vista ware when I saw in Wednesday-- ans it being an 'alleged new drive' it am somewhat puzzled wah tit colud be- perchance they will let me have another go.

  SparkyJack 09:42 06 Oct 2012

The problem as stated have been going on for years and over time the retailer we love to hate has relived them of lots of cash renewing bits and still not resolving the 'problem'

The blue screen event got me thinking and I was about re get back onto to him with with a suggestion when he contacted me.

He said -' his wife has lost patience with the thing and simply went off and purchased another machine.

Then came the bombshell- he reported that oncee set up and running the NEW machine started doing the same.

That confirmed what whit was concluding after thinking deeper about the BSD event. Its not the machines but a bit of dodgy wiring in an extended socket.

  SparkyJack 11:30 17 Oct 2012

This inividual got over her frustration by simply going out and pruchasing another machine. They have passed the trouble to me as a gift. When I fired it up i ran then crached with the already mentioned blue screen page. started and ran for several hours before I closed down. Started it up and ity crached with a blue screen and on restarted the HP reapir mode came up-so I let it. However when I tried to get inhto the Admin mode it denided the password the frormer owner gave me-Ichecked with her and tried some more and still it was no go. So I put it back to factory setting and at the moment seems to be OK. Fingers crossed.

  SparkyJack 08:55 25 Oct 2012

Fingers uncrossed now.

It has been working fine for a week or more fully loaded with all my old Win programs.

Evidently the former owners were doing something it did not like, though as they ran it as 'Out of the Box' with no additional software- I cant imagine what.

The next step I guess is to move away from Vista

Shall I go back to tried and trusted XP or on to 7 or even 8 What you you all think?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:32 25 Oct 2012

Time to move on to W7 as XP will soon become unsupported.

  Woolwell 13:30 25 Oct 2012

Check that all drivers are available before changing OS.

  SparkyJack 10:51 26 Oct 2012

Thanbk you- yes 7 iy will be, but The only reservation I have is that a particular program called Live Suit- which is essential it seems for reconfiguring Abroid devices - will only run in XP.

I tried - using comparability mode- and it still fail to run So I am off to borrow an XP laptop to see if it will run on that.

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