Newish PC Ram slot not working

  John-1609869 17:02 26 Aug 2010


I bought a Pc from PC world 2 months ago.

I have 3G of Ram, anyhow about 2 days ago I noticed it slow down quite a bit. Anyhow I checked system properties and noticed I only had 2GB of ram instead 3GB. At first I thought 1 of the sticks may have come lose.

So I opened it up and everything looked fine. Anyway I took them out and tested them indvidually etc and together and then I found that memory slot 1 was not working basically. The sticks are 2gb and 1gb of ram. When I used either in memory slot 2, they worked fine. But in memory slot 1 nothing. Maybe motherboard problems ?

Now Im wondering whether I should give them a ring while it's under a 1 year warranty but Im concerned about telling them about the issues and changing the ram etc incase they say opening it up the casing invalidates the 1 year warranty etc, would this be the case ?

I feel like just getting along on the 2gb of ram as I can't be botherd with them taking the PC for about 6 weeks ? Would this be the case ?

Just looking either for help in fixing it or should I get them to fix it or leave it ?


  gengiscant 17:36 26 Aug 2010

Should definitely have phoned before taking the side off to install the extra ram. It is quite likely that PC World,who haven't the best name in customer service, will not want to know about your problems. You could always wing it and say someone at the store gave you permission. If they accept your story I would imagine that you won't see your PC for a while.
I would expect other folk here will have better advice.

  John-1609869 17:40 26 Aug 2010

Thanks for the reply Gengis

I may have not typed it clearly. This is not new ram, just the ram that came with it.

  Batch 18:32 26 Aug 2010

Unless there is any obvious way that PC World can detect that you have opened up the case (e.g. by breaking a seal), I'd just put the RAM back as it was originally and take it back and ask them to fix it or replace the PC.

As the PC is working, before taking it in I'd strongly recommend that you mack two backup copies of ALL of your personal data that may be on the PC and, as far as reasonably possible, remove all of your presonal data before handing it over to them.

  gengiscant 18:34 26 Aug 2010

My mistake,did you have to break a seal or something? Does it look like that you have been inside?
If you decide that you don't want to lose your PC for a while,then you will be stuck with the faulty ram slot/motherboard with no guarantee that nothing else will go wrong. In my opinion,for what its worth, take it back and get it sorted.

  gengiscant 08:27 27 Aug 2010

It is good manners to post what solution you decided on, so that others who may have a similar problem might find it helpful.

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