Newish Network - want some fun!

  philip-202608 16:07 17 Dec 2005

Ok, i've had a simple network setup at home using a Netgear 5-Port Switch cat-5 cables and 4 PCs

its setup as a P2P LAN

i have shared an internet connection using AnalogX proxy - wondering if there is a better free program

shared printers/scanners and files even mapped drives - want to know how to share CD-drives better than sharing and mapping

tryed some network commands in Command Prompt e.g. net send, net view etc

and used netmeeting to take control over other PCs and talk to each other...

used multiplayer games over the network

now i'm bored and want some fun, can anyone suggest anything

or even some interesting that might change my life?

  Gary7 19:19 17 Dec 2005

Ii think you've just about done it all. As you're bored, you could mess up a Windows machine and do a complete re-instal or try to catch next door neighbours cat on the M25 :lol Get yourself a good book about something.

  philip-202608 23:32 18 Dec 2005

might find something about VB6 if anyone knows anything...

what about using VB6 for network stuffs?

  Forum Editor 23:53 18 Dec 2005

by "network stuffs" but if you're bored, and want to learn something useful/entertaining to do with VB
click here

Being bored is part of growing up by the way - there'll come a time in your life when you'll long for enough free time to be bored.

  philip-202608 00:03 19 Dec 2005

a mean network functions... i've figured a way of using VB to use net send in command prompt so two users with this VB application can have a convo without the annoying messager boxes - but i cheated and made the app create a batch file and run it in the background to send the messages.

i mean things like that if anyone can suggest...

"Being bored is part of growing up by the way - there'll come a time in your life when you'll long for enough free time to be bored."

I know... lol

but now i'm 18 i'm just starting to take huge interests in things and want to learn all about them, and the 2 things i have a major interest in at the moment are VB6 and networking.

thanks for info so far tho :)

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