Groblok 15:53 31 Dec 2006

I have aquired the adware NewDotNet7 by visiting click here or click here when was experimenting with chaning my login screen.
I backed up my registry prior to visiting these sites using 'regedit, file, export'.
By disabling it in msconfig start i managed to run adaware, spybot and ccleaner. The first 2 identified it and removed it..according to them.

It still appears in msconfig though its not in the start up folder.
There is still a reference to it in the registry.

I cannot reinstate the backup of the registry using 'regedit, file, import'.

Question: How do I remove all traces of this 'NewDotNet7', remove it from msconfig start and reinstate my registry to how it was prior to aquiring it?

All help/suggestions will be much appreciated

  SANTOS7 15:59 31 Dec 2006

click here
this may help..

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:59 31 Dec 2006
  Nellie2 16:20 31 Dec 2006

You should be able to uninstall it from add remove programs... NewDotNet is one of those nuisances that knows it's a nuisance and usually goes quite quietly and happily. If you have problems with add/remove then follow the instructions on their site click here (Yes it is safe to visit that site)

  Groblok 11:19 05 Jan 2007

Thanks for your help Nellie2, Gandalf <|:-)>, and Santos7. 'NewDotNet7' seems to have disappeared.

I am still having problems since I aquired it, namely, slow internet access and somtimes get a message saying that internet explorer can not disply the page (something to do with DNS).
When I check my connection I get a response telling me it couldnt complete the test mentioning something about clearing DNS cache.

I also cannot restore my registry using 'regedit, file, import'nor restore my system using system restore to a date prior to aquiring 'NewDotNet7' on 31 dec 2006.

All restore points and registry back ups made since then work correctly

It would seem that 'NewDotNet7' has left some residual items affecting my ability to access the net.

Any ideas as i'm all out

  Nellie2 00:25 06 Jan 2007

Sometimes, incorrect removal of NewDotNet can effect your connectivity, Winsockfix may help click here
If you are still having problems after that then you may have picked up some other problem, I would recommend that you ask for some specialist help at MalwareRemoval click here

  Groblok 16:03 06 Jan 2007

Hi Nellie2
I tried downloading winsockfix but get a pop up saying Winsockfix[1].exe is not a valid win32 application
if I click ok it aborts the download

  VoG II 16:09 06 Jan 2007

Try this click here

  Groblok 17:39 07 Jan 2007

Thanks VoG
I managed to download and run Winsock fix from the site you suggested. I had to run it twice but everything seems to be running smoothly now.

I will leave the thread open for now just in case I get more problems

Thanks to all who contributed to solving my problem your help is greatly appreciated

  Groblok 10:23 08 Jan 2007

well everybody I'm here again. Everything was running smoothly last night but this morning I booted up and the old problem is back.

It's taken me 1 1/2 hours to get here. There is obviously some residual debris from this
'NewDotNet7' infection that re-activates on boot up.

The problem is strange as it isn't consistent in so much as sometimes I can connect to the net, albeit slowly, and at others my system wont even see the hub (BT Total 3 wireless).

It is also obvious that the ability of my system to restore to a point prior to 1st Jan (using either 'system restore' or re-instating a registry back-up) was destroyed by this nuisance.

I think I might just restore the factory settings and have a clean system. At least then I'll be rid of it

Thanks once again for all your assistance

  Nellie2 23:04 09 Jan 2007

Without looking at some logs from your computer I'm only guessing and I could be barking up the totally wrong tree, but your mention of DNS problems makes me wonder if you have another type of infection (totally unrelated to NewDotNet) called Wareout. Some of the newer variants have rootkit problems too.

You can ask for help click here if you haven't already restored your computer.

Please don't panic at the mention of rootkits, like I said, I am only guessing at this stage.

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