Newcomer with WMP Burning Problems

  calonlan 14:46 31 Jan 2007

Hi, I have not been long at this computing business and have run into problems on my first attempt at burning a CD. I am a retired Pro Singer and my Daughter who has Pro Tools has just recorded me for a CD of 17 songs which turned out fine.She burned a master disc ( She has NERO ) and I transferred them into my Music and made a Playlist, ( I have Windows Media Player 11). I then commenced to burn and watched the progress which seemed fine.I tried it in Player but it just kept spinning and the word error came up. no music. I then tried it in my computer....nothing. I know this sounds stupid but I looked at the burned CD and it has shading for about half an inch from the edge, is this normal ? I went into my Computer (E) it just said used 64 available 64. So it seems I had not burned anything. I tried it again and the same exactly happened with a new disc., but what is the shading ? I could hear what seemed to be burning going on and each song had Pending and then Writing to disc coming down the list and finally Finalised.
As I say this is my first attempt and would appreciate any help.

  SANTOS7 17:00 31 Jan 2007

click here
If these are the steps you are following you should not go wrong..

  calonlan 18:38 31 Jan 2007

Hi Santos7. Thank you very much for your very detailed answer to my problem. I will study them this evening in more depth. I have been advised by a friend that the burned disc might not have finalised, although I remember at the end of burning the final song it went on to say finalising but what is the answer if this is not happening ?
Thanks again.

  SANTOS7 18:52 31 Jan 2007

Not sure for a minute, finalising a disc is normally
done automatically (it does in MP10)..

Follow the steps see what happens and we can go from there,good luck..

  realist 20:09 31 Jan 2007

After probs burning with WMP I now use DeepBurner.... so much easier to use and no error messages!
click here

  calonlan 21:08 31 Jan 2007

Thanks realist, Yes, I may have to try another programme if this fails. My Son says he does all his burning in Windows Explorer without any problems. I have little doubt that when it all works out, it is probably me who is at fault but I will certainly have a good look at your suggestion.

  calonlan 13:19 01 Feb 2007

Hello Again.
I have tried everything but am still foxed by my failure to get a CD burned which will play on my CD Player or my Computer. I have followed the written instructions and excellent Video supplied by Santo7 and have tried downloading Nero bur for some reason that won't download and has caused my PC to crash on two occasions. I read somewhere that the CD will not play unless it is recorded in the WAV format (whatever that is)!!but my daughter assures me that the master disc was so recorded. I still feel that the problem is finalising. Santos7 says it should happen automatically as his does in WMP10 and I am sure that is right I have WMP11, but is there anyway I can check that it is enabled ? or is it just that they are all automatic ?
Thanks for any help forthcoming
confused calonlan.

  calonlan 09:19 03 Feb 2007

Thanks to all the help I have received on this subject, but regrettably I have now given up and will contemplate downloading another programm which might be easier.It is now obvious that WMP is problematical.

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