From newby. ISP disconnecting

  Ghloria 23:11 22 Jan 2003
  Ghloria 23:11 22 Jan 2003

When I have been on my system for a while my ISP starts disconnecting more and more frequently untill it dis's almost at once. If I restart my system then all goes ok for a while untill the dis's start again. I have asked elsewhere and most think it to be an ISP fault but they deny it.

  Djohn 23:21 22 Jan 2003

Which ISP?

  Ghloria 23:30 22 Jan 2003

Freeserve anytime

  Djohn 23:51 22 Jan 2003

Freeserve is a pretty good ISP, have you tried deleting all your temporary internet files?

also which O/S are you using and how much ram mem do you have?

  Ghloria 00:11 23 Jan 2003

temp files cookies deleted, scandisk, norton av and adaware run. I have been told it could be resources but thats over my head.
win98, 48 meg (I know, I must upgrade)

  Djohn 00:15 23 Jan 2003

48 meg Is more than sufficient for 98 and internet use. When you press ctrl/alt/del. keys together, how many programs do you have running in the background?

  Ghloria 00:21 23 Jan 2003

Fourteen (inc 2 for pcadvisor)

  Giggle n' Bits 00:30 23 Jan 2003

This can cut you off at random on some occassions can stop you from connecting and also give you a very poor connection.

You can try unticking The Wait for Dial Tone in Dialing Properties for Modem Settings either in Control Panel or Device Manager !.

I personally advise to call BT and cancel the 1571 Auto answering service which is the cost of a call (and a moan from Why you want to cancel the 1571 on your line from BT person at other end).

Most likley you also have messeges on the line waiting for you to retrieve.

Please advise if you do have 1571 on your BT line!.


  Djohn 00:31 23 Jan 2003

Erm! with 48meg that is quite a lot of programs to be running at the same time, and this is what will be hogging your memory, or (resources).

Most of these you will be able to safely shut down from the start-up menu, (they will still only be a click away to use).

If you can post back with a list of what is running, someone will advise and guide you on which one's to close down. So I will now pass you on to someone with more experience than me to help. Good luck. J.

  Ghloria 00:45 23 Jan 2003


Yes I have 1571


Running in background:-
Pcadviser, Msmsgs, Imgicon, Dpps2, Systray, Navapw32, Flatbed, Inbox Outlook Express, Explorer, Cookiem, Cmmon32, Rnapp, Em_exec

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