Newbie to the site would like advice

  chrisbather 19:03 06 Sep 2006

First of all hello everyone, first post on this site so go easy :)

I have come on here to read reviews of products and get some advice. I am looking at building a pc for christmas and undecieded on what to get. I built my current pc 4 years ago now is on Abit KR7A Raid motherboard with Athlon xp1800 cpu (1.53ghz) with 512k ddr Ram, and el cheapo 128mb graphics and the ugliest cheapo tower ever. Last year i bought a 19" tft screen so moniter is fine. The hard rive is 80gb and i have a dvd r/rw so i wont be replacing either of these.

Now i am looking at spending about £200 on the new mother board/cpu, about £100 on case (including psu) and a new graphics card - probably about £100. Obviously i dont want to buy a cpu which is known to conflict with certain motherboards so i would be grateful to be told of known reliable systems.

Thank you in advance

  woodchip 19:08 06 Sep 2006

Your best bet is look click here

Starter kits include Mobo CPU and 256Mb memory, but check what's on offer

  Diodorus Siculus 19:11 06 Sep 2006

Barebone Systems : Computer Supplies from Novatech
click here

Have a look here and you can get case, motherboard, cpu etc. up and running; then add your own hard disk, graphics card and whatever other components you wish.

  woodchip 19:12 06 Sep 2006
  chrisbather 19:27 06 Sep 2006

thanks for the replies so far, i am keen on getting either the akasa black case with clear side panel or the Thermaltake Tsunami in black with the clear side too.

As for motherboard/cpu combo's i like that p4 3.2ghz for £187, right in my market. I think the barebones systems are good but i'd be paying for things i dont want/need so would have to spend £500 for the sort of spec i could get for £400 without the optical drives/harddrives which i already have.

keep them coming

  Diodorus Siculus 20:46 06 Sep 2006

Motherboard Bundles : Computer Supplies from Novatech
click here if you feel confident - choose your own case and add a motherboard / cpu combo to it.

  foxyloxy 22:30 06 Sep 2006

Try MISCO.CO.UK , motherboard bundle for less than 70

  josie mayhem 01:51 07 Sep 2006

I would also Consider the future proof of your build, with Vista coming onto the market some time after Christmas... I would concider your graphic card You'll looking at 128mb if graphic memory pref 256mb. and then to run it happily 1024mb of normal memory(1gb) to run the system...

So keep these in mind, if you don't get it now make sure that you can up-grade it later...

In Vista the Areo Glass effect is Alsum... even though at the end of the day, it's a gadet and most people can live without it (it a designers must have!) But it will need a graphic card that has shedder 2.0 to run it...

  sean-278262 02:10 07 Sep 2006

Dont forget you can always revive your old case with a new look. I did and convinced my sister on her old machine that it was a good idea.

click here

Plenty of ideas and a great way to get a unique machine. All you need then is a PSU. You can even splash out on a few extra bits such as cathodes. As for the suggestions above I add

click here
click here

Personally I would mod the case and spend it on a better GFX card.

For 400quid you will get plenty of PC but sending 100 towards a case and PSU may be silly. Also what PSU do you currently have. That may be salvageable.

  Diodorus Siculus 02:11 07 Sep 2006

While I agree in principle with josie mayhem, I'd not let the question of Vista influence an upgrade like this. XP is a good OS and I'd be surprised if Vista were as good for a long time yet - remember how long it took for XP SP2 to arrive?

Nonetheless, there is good sense in ensuring that it remains upgradable.

  terryf 02:22 07 Sep 2006

josie mayhem says:
Areo Glass effect is Alsum... even though at the end of the day, it's a gadet
I wish I knew what was meant :-)

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