newbie with home network setup

  Dougie168 20:17 25 Jan 2007

hiya all,
I currently have an NTL modem - it's connected to my PC with an Ethernet cable. My friend gave me her old router and I tried fixing it all together but problems are occuring.
First of all, the router is a SpeedTouch router and I checked on their website - it's an integrated modem router.
Secondly, I have an adapter for the PC.
When all connected up, the PC receives the signal from the router with no problems at all, and it says the connection strength is excellent. But the problem is, that when I actually try to open a webpage, it shows a SpeedTouch page saying that my DSL line is not connected.
So I have three questions:
1) my NTL broadband didn't need to be connected to the telephone line previously in order to go online - does that mean with the router I need to now?
2) will the router with a built in modem be compatible with my current NTL modem, or do I have to purchase a new router?
3) should the equipment be compatble with each other by any means, would I still need to connect it to the telephone line?

Sorry to bother with my stupid questions, but I am totally clueless here! =D Thanks for all replies!

  Strawballs 21:37 25 Jan 2007

That is the wrong router it is for ADSL (through phone line) you need a a stand alone router click here any one of these will do.

  Strawballs 21:44 25 Jan 2007

You need to have a different router as per my link and the cable from the NTL modem needs to go to the router and for the need to setup a cable from the router to the PC just to set up the wireless.

The adapter you have will proberbly be OK.

click here

  Dougie168 21:49 25 Jan 2007

thanks for your reply.
oh, i see. So DSL routers are for those broadbands with telephone lines? So I need a "non-DSL" router?! :p sorry - my jargon's not too good ..
ok, so let me try and get what you're saying:
in order to set up the wireless, there needs to be a connection from the modem to the router with the Ethernet, and another connection from the router back to the PC?

  Strawballs 22:02 25 Jan 2007

No ADSL is for broad band through phone line and DSL is for cable.

The connection from the router to the PC only needs to be there while setting up then can be disconnected.

If you only have 1 PC why are you needing a router or is it to remove wires from around house?

  Dougie168 22:32 25 Jan 2007

oh i see - but i think the SpeedTouch router is DSL, because it's asking me about the DSL connection when I try and open a webpage?
Before, I connected the Ethernet from the modem to the router, and another line, presumably the DSL line (looks like the Ethernet cable but with a smaller head), from the router to the filter and that goes to the phone socket. That scenario presented the problem.

I have a PC downstairs and also a wireless enabled laptop that I'd like to use from time to time.

  Strawballs 23:02 25 Jan 2007

If you have an NTL account through cable then the speedtouch is the wrong router it has a combined modem that will not work with a cable connection you will need a router like the one's in my first link and if you look at the second link I gave it will explain it all better than I can.

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