Newbie building first PC

  necreoinphreak 00:53 04 Aug 2007

Hello everyone, I've never built a PC from the ground up before, and I'm not that savvy on what's what in the PC world. I get a bit confused trying to figure out specs, and compatibility. Anyway, here's what I've picked out:

click here

Along with a Thermalright Ultra120 Extreme CPU Cooler since I would like to overclock the CPU.

I'm looking for any advice or recommendations.

Thanks in advance,


  necreoinphreak 02:21 04 Aug 2007

Had to edit my post, I've changed the hard drive.

click here

  Si_L 02:50 04 Aug 2007

Looks good, components are on the expensive side. Hunt around and you could save a fortune.

  necreoinphreak 07:04 04 Aug 2007

Thanks for the info. I searched around and found a few sites that gave me slightly lower prices (up to $10 less) but nothing too serious.

Do you mean I can find the same brand components at a lower price? Or components of a different brand that are equal to those I've chosen but are less expensive?

Thanks for any info in advance.

  Totally-braindead 13:25 04 Aug 2007

Are you based in the US as all the prices are in dollars?

  ambra4 19:02 04 Aug 2007


He is base in the US as tigerdirect is a US base equipment supplier, does not ship overseas

  necreoinphreak 23:08 04 Aug 2007

Thank you ambra, yes I'm in the US.

I've tried to do some digging, but I can't find the same components at lower prices than those.

Any help is welcome, and thank you in advance.

  ambra4 00:44 05 Aug 2007


I also buy from tiger direct as my son live in the US so I ship it to him.

I don’t thing you will find a site with cheaper prices, if you do the shipping & handling charges that some of these company want to charge you is outrageous. Never had and problems with tiger direct

I would change the hard drive to a Sata type drive as the motherboard only has 1 IDE connection and 4 SATA connections

Also make sure that the power supply unit also have Sata type power connections, if not you will have to buy a Sata power adapter.

I would go for a higher speed memory Corsair Dual Channel TWINX 2048MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz Memory as motherboard can handle DDR2 533/667/800/1200MHz SLI-Ready Memory

Personal I would use the Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33GHz / 4MB Cache / 1333MHz FSB / Conroe / Dual-Core / Socket 775 / Processor with Fan and it is only $10 more

You will need to buy 2- 80mm fans, as case does not have any case fans and replace the Adjustable CPU Air Duct with a fan

If you can also find a Sata DVD burner, this allow you to use the IDE socket at a later date if required

Other than the above don’t see any other thing you should worry about

  necreoinphreak 04:46 06 Aug 2007

Thanks for the advice, I think I've picked out my setup now. Thanks again.


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