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  andyb4u2 11:03 15 Jul 2003

Ok heres the problem. I just got a new laptop. The processor is a Mobile Athlon 4 1600+.

I downloaded a cpuinfo.exe from the AMD website to check that I had the processor that i supposed to get in there.

Anyways the program says that my processor is running at 1400 MHz but when i right click on my computer and go to system properties it says its a 798 MHz processor.

Any ideas of why this is, and if it has any detrimental effects on the notebook that these two figures differ?

Thanks in advance.

  -pops- 11:19 15 Jul 2003

The magic words here are "I just got a new laptop."

In these circumstances, I suggest you ask for an explanation from your supplier.


  andyb4u2 11:32 15 Jul 2003

Well i did have the sad misfortune of receiving a Time notebook. Are you saying its been overclocked?

  -pops- 11:37 15 Jul 2003

No, I think that some of the BIOS/motherboard settings haven't been adjusted properly to allow for the full benefits of the processor.

As it's new though, I don't think the responsibility of adjusting it should be yours.


  andyb4u2 11:46 15 Jul 2003

The system bios is pretty basic. It says that its running at 1400 MHz on the bios screen. I'll just take it in and see what they say. The thing is, if it was something i could fix myself i'd rather i could. I hate leaving my notebook with them for a day or two for a job i know could be sorted out in under 5 mins probably.

  -pops- 11:49 15 Jul 2003

Yes, it most likely very simple but you have to consider what they might say if you were to cock it up - not saying you would but there is always that chance!

  andyb4u2 11:53 15 Jul 2003

Yup i guess so. Thanks for your help. Goddamn Time Computers "enter libillous comment here".

  andyb4u2 12:03 15 Jul 2003

Thanks ßéŁâ. That has cleared that up for me. You saved me a trip there. Thank you. Thanks pops for your help too.

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