Newbee to Apache

  00edgarj (JimmE) 13:20 27 Mar 2004

I'm probably being stupid but I can't find the location to actually place the files I want to serve. (just the default folder will be fine...)

  Forum Editor 13:28 27 Mar 2004

At least not for your HTML files, although you may see a cgi.bin folder that was created by your web host.

just put your files in the root of your server space - at least the index.htm file must be there. You (or your WYSIWYG web design software)can create other folders for images etc. if you wish.

  00edgarj (JimmE) 13:34 27 Mar 2004

I should have clarified my situation

I forgot to mention that I am attempting to host my own (??!) server. I am experimenting with various different types of web programming languages (i.e. pearl, php, asp etc) and not yet running a 'real' site but amo using Apache on an old pc set up as a dedicated web server.

Navigating to click here gives me a welcome to apache page with a link to the instruction manual, but I can't find the name (therefore location of) this welcome page so that I know where to place my pages.

When I do eventually get my 'real ' site back up and running, it willb e hosted externally anyway.

  00edgarj (JimmE) 13:39 27 Mar 2004

navigating to http: //localhost ...

  Forum Editor 14:42 27 Mar 2004

OK then,

If you look at: C:\program files\Apache group\apache\ you should see 'htdocs', and in there will be the default page that should load when you type: localhost or localhost/directory/ into your browser address bar. You can also see it if you type the localhost IP address:

If you replace this page with your index.html file you'll see it load instead.

  Forum Editor 19:24 28 Mar 2004

with that 00edgarj (JimmE)?

  00edgarj (JimmE) 01:43 30 Mar 2004

Thank you very much FE - sorry I didn't get round to replying sooner.

I have found the htdocs folder and uploaded my site into there - and now have a php site to practice with!

Will let you know how I get on - I'm sure i'll be back for more advice before long!

Thanks again,

JimmE (00)

  Forum Editor 18:44 30 Mar 2004

and thanks for the update. We'll look forward to hearing from you again.

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