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  Modo 10:39 08 Aug 2005

I'm surprised not to see any comments on here about last weeks major Zone Alarms update - to now include anti spyware.

Apart from the fact that it didn't keep my existing settings with the upgrade process,I'm finding the anti spyware facility more intrusive than any spyware threats!

Am I the only person who is finding this update a nightmare?

  Stuartli 10:53 08 Aug 2005

I installed it on July 28th - all you have to do is disable the anti-virus monitoring (ZA still doesn't recognise some of them).

Re the failure to keep your previous configuration. This is most likely due to selecting No rather than Yes when asked with regard to doing an Update rather than Clean Install; it's easy to make this mistake and I've done it more than once in the past..:-)

  Modo 16:04 08 Aug 2005

Thanks stuartli I turned of the anti spyware.

I presume I must have forgotten to click upgrade rather than clean install.

But whatever, by my expectations of Zone Alarms this a pretty clunky update. I'm leaving this upgrade off all the other computers. I'll wait for the next upgrade.

  grumpygramp 18:20 08 Aug 2005

I have been using Zone Alarms Security Suite for sometime now and I have been impressed with the latest update It`s found stuff that both Adaware and Spybot search & Destroy have missed, and vice versa .

  handful 07:58 09 Aug 2005

I had the same problem as you and I definitely did choose the upgrade option. The mistake I made when trying to uninstall and reinstall the previous version of Security Suite was not to reboot without unchecking the 'run at start up' option. Believe me, getting rid of all traces of this programme manually is a complete nightmare and the True Vector dlls etc are everywhere. IF you leave anything behind, installation of any version of Zone Alarm will fail, but leaves more files that need to be deleted before you can attempt to install again. I also had to delve far deeper into the registry than I feel comfortable with and dread to think what your average punter would have done to get rid of it. I finally managed to reinstall the previous version successfully and everything is working fine again but I won't be trying version 6 again despite Stuartli's positive comments on this and other threads posted recently about this subject. This forum is all about personal experiences and opinions and based on these, my advise would be don't touch this new version with a barge-pole until some of the bugs are fixed.

  scotty 08:31 09 Aug 2005

Zonelabs recognise the problems with version 6 and are working on the problem. For those with problems, see link for instructions to revert to version 5.5

click here

  Modo 08:47 09 Aug 2005

Turned on the computer with V6 on it this morning - and yes ZA is still messing around in places it shouldn't be.

It stays off our other 3 computers until I hear it is safe. Rather presciently I had to write a method statement about our computing policy last week. I said that the "PC's are protected by the Zone Alarms Firewall. Updates are only loaded to one PC on release. The other PC's are only updated when the new version has proven to be trouble free both on our computers and from checking with Internet forums." Hence my original post!!!

  Stuartli 14:04 09 Aug 2005

Are you using the free or paid for version?

I've installed each successive version of ZA (free) on my system over the years and on several other systems belonging to friends and it has always gone without a hitch.

  Modo 14:41 09 Aug 2005

Paid for version.

It is not the first time an update has caused problems. they usually sort it out pretty quickly though.

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