New Year Resolution - Please Read and Heed

  €dstowe 11:33 27 Dec 2005

I trust everyone had a good Christmas and is looking forward to a Happy New Year.

To help ensure your New Year is as happy as it can be, how about this as a Resolution (regulars will know now what I am going to rabbit on about).

Resolve to make a backup of your computer and to keep that backup up to date.

Also resolve to make a backup before each and every time you install any hardware or software to your machine(s).

It is a continuing theme on these columns that people are in a desperate state following the incorrect installation of something or other. This is in addition to failures due to faults on the computer itself.

Don't think "It won't happen to me! because it will, sooner or later.

Sorry to seem so pessimistic in what should be a happy time of year but, that's how things are - like it or not.

There are loads of threads on here about backing up (a number of them from me). Take a few minutes to seek them out and DO IT.


  Snec 11:45 27 Dec 2005

Regulars will know!

No matter, partner flys a jet but .... Back-up

Yeah man! or woteffer!

€dstowe rocks .. see Friday Column>> well done!

  Thatslife 11:54 27 Dec 2005

Does Win XP's System Restore not do this automatically for you??

  €dstowe 11:56 27 Dec 2005

System Restore is no substitute for a backup.

  BigRik 16:28 27 Dec 2005

System restore will not always, for whatever reason, work. Trust me, I know from experience (although luckily for me it wasn't a painful one that time). Please, please follow €dstowe's advice and back up!

  Graham ® 17:14 27 Dec 2005

Backing up now...

  €dstowe 06:24 28 Dec 2005

Moving back to top page.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:30 28 Dec 2005

click here for a comprehensive guide.

  €dstowe 13:35 28 Dec 2005

Moving to top again and closing.

  dagbladet 13:42 28 Dec 2005

Given the title, I thought this may have been about one of my minor irritations. Now don't get me wrong, these forums have done me nothing but good over the last couple of years, and due to my limited knowledge i'm usually a taker rather than a giver. However, can we all make a special effort to read the previous posts in a thread before jumping in with a potential solution that's already been tried, failed, and documented further/down up the thread. Thanks and a happy new year to you all.

P.S. Why hasn't anyone discussed making back-ups?

  dagbladet 13:43 28 Dec 2005


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