New XP installation, why so slow?

  Mysticnas 11:28 29 Jan 2004

Hi all,

Just got round to setting up my 2 new SATA drives in RAID 0(stripe).

anyway... i've noticed that my new installation was acting a little wierd, saying i'd got files that were on my other drive.

Anyway. i thought i'd unplug the one of the old drives, the one with the OLD XP on it and try reinstalling on the new SATA drives again.

Did that, all fine. Anyhow... plugged in my old drive again and all is still fine, only that i realised that some things are slower than my old setup! why is that??? does having 2 XPpro installations on the same pc cause a slowdown???

Gigabyte GA-SINXP1394 motherboard with onboard SiliconImage SATA raid.

P4 2.4 @2.8ghz

2gb DDR

80gb SATA x2 (raid0 setup) new OS drive.

40gb ATA old os drive

120gb ATA data drive.

I've partitioned the SATA raid setup 10gb for XPpro, 15gb for Creativity software, 15gb for games, and the rest as scratch disk and render storage.

I noticed it a lot when i was playing Collin McRae 3, it was quite jittery in places during game play. I never noticed this on my old installation.

Any help would be appreciated..

ps. my hotmail window has locked up while i was typing this. not good.

  Chegs ® 11:48 29 Jan 2004

Try switching off the IDE(if your BIOS allows)channel thats got the IDE install of XP,look for newer SATA driver(mine did similar things)DX-9b can also cause jittery gameplay(mine refused to run with DX-9b,but I Repair-ed XP to go back to DX8.1,then d/l'ed DX-9/DX-9a and tested each to see which suited most apps)The HDD Indexing services(switch em off)start taking up CPU resources(although with these faster CPU's shouldn't really affect them)Other than this,erm....Good Luck(mine crashed every few days,requiring a small partition to carry the OS)

  Mysticnas 12:40 29 Jan 2004

I just swithced off and unplugged the power from the from the old OS drive and for some reason windows wouldn't boot said that system32\drivers\isapnp.sys was missing and said to try the reovery console using the XP cd. I didn't have a clue what to do there so i just plugged the power for the old OS drive back in and turned on the pc again.

This time i booted from the old XP installation from the OS choices menu and it started up disk integrety scan.
It found loads of missing files and stuff and corruptions. It corrected all the problems and booted into the old XP installation.

Do you all think it would be best to toally unplug all drive apart from the SATA drives and install XPpro on them again fresh and plug in old drives again after? I wanna wipe my old XP installation, but gotta make sure i got a back up if something happens to this one.

  Chegs ® 12:46 29 Jan 2004

Do you all think it would be best to totally unplug all drives apart from the SATA drives and install XPpro on them....YES.

But create a small partition to carry the OS,as XP seems to "get lost" in big spaces.

  Mysticnas 12:47 29 Jan 2004

i think it's using the 2 drives at the same time, kinda like a joint installation, as if it's using both the drive???

  Mysticnas 12:50 29 Jan 2004

i've done so chegs... i've made a 10gb partition for XP installation.

I'll have to do that later this afternoon then.


I'll report back.

  Mysticnas 01:05 30 Jan 2004

an update...

Now it's 1am and things "seem" to be ok "for now".

I've wiped all versions of XP and installed fresh on a 10gb partition located on the SATA raid setup.

Now correct me if i'm wrong (i'm feelin a lil' sarcastic), isn't SATA raid meant to be quite a bit faster than normal ATA(EIDE)???

During XP setup took about 57seconds to format wipe/format my old 40gb installation of XPpro on an ATA drive. and well it took about 3hrs to format 10gb partition on my SATA raid setup!?!
what's all this about???

The whole point of me getting SATA was to setup RAID0(stripe) as it's "meant" to be much faster, however it seems much much much much much much much much much much slower than my old setup!!!

What's going on here? I've installed all updates (SP1) over the net. Installed all new drivers for everything and installed firewall and antivirus software.

for a P4 clocked to 2.8ghz with 2gbDDR i find this really really annoying, especially on my so called "fast" SATA raid0 setup!

you can probably tell by now that i'm less than impressed.

Really it take ages to boot into desktop! my old installation used to get to desktop within 30secs under full load.
now it takes around 2/3mins!!!

What can it be guys???

  Chegs ® 01:30 30 Jan 2004


You are discovering the exact same problems I have with my SATA hdd's.I fought for weeks to get more than 3 days out of each install of XP to a 15Gb partition.One of the SATA hdd's refused to even allow formating by XP(after initially being able to get it going by REPAIR option)I downloaded a utility called MaxBlast(Maxtor hdd's)used this to format the hdd(it would accept being formated this way)then used PM from floppy to format in NTFS(installed XP,3 days later refused to reboot)...THEN had to format again from XP cd(3 days,then crashed AGAIN!)I then d/l a HDD tester (HDD Tach) tested the SATA drives,and the one giving all the trouble was slower than the other SATA.I tried newer SATA driver/no updates(as I sensed a crash would recur in 3 days,it did)and finally gave up,put my IDE hdd back in,put XP on it,partitioned the two 120Gb hdd's,and now have vast storage for my video files,before,during,after rendering,games,ISO's etc.The slow SATA has worked flawlessly as storage for weeks,I have managed to get 98se onto a partition on it,and just generally amuse myself with Vid Edits.

All in all,my SATA experiences have "educated" me in the workings of a HDD and format/cluster size/FAT32/NTFS,etc but haven't "speeded" up much of what I do on my pc.

  Mysticnas 01:37 30 Jan 2004

you see thats it tho... everyone who's setup SATA raid0 keeps going on about it all time, how it's sooo much faster, faster boot, faster read and write times!!!

The only complaints i've had about my drives (reviews on ebuyer) is that they are noisey, thats like 2 bad reviews in like 30 good ones!

What motherboard you got? maybe it's that???

Thing is, like you, i do a lot of rendering (video/3d), and worst of all my rig is the host for the network. Everyone's been moaning at me to get it sorted!!!

  Chegs ® 01:43 30 Jan 2004

I have a Gigabyte GA-7VAXP Ultra mobo.It also has the Silicon Image SATA controller(as most mobo's have)like yours,but most are using Asus mobo's when saying their system is flying. :-(

  Mysticnas 01:46 30 Jan 2004

must be gigabyte then you reckon??? :'(
my bro got SATA, and using Asus, he says all's fine!

but if they all using the same controller then shouldn't it all be the same???
if not why not!!!

C'mon Mr.Gigabyte... if you're out there reading this... tell me!!

oh well chegs... seems like he's not!

I'm off home to birmingham for the weekend, as my pc's the host it'll be on for all that time. If i'll turn my phone off incase people start moaning about the network being down!!! :o(

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