New Wireless router - Drop in Speed?

  Border View 23:24 15 Mar 2008

Until yesterday I used a 3com wireless router. Had considerable problems last night so decided to buy a new router today. Went out and bought a D-Link which I found terrific to install. Should mention that the old router was swiched off last night and so had no connection for about 18 hours.

On my 3com router I was sync at 2450 kbts down with an actual download of about 1800. With the new D-Link I have noticed I am only syncing at 1500 with an actual download of about 1250.

Is it the router? Or is it because my ADSLMax was off for 18 hours?

Should mention that I am with Zen

Would welcome your advice.

  Dipso 23:33 15 Mar 2008

First of all, the fact that you haven't been connected for 18 hours won't be an issue. Different hardware will interpret your line differently but you've lost nearly 1 Meg in sync speed which is quite a lot.

Can you obtain the full line stats from the new router, i.e. downstream/upstream attentuaion and ds/us noise margin?

Were your problems last night definitely to do ith the old router and not your line?

  Border View 23:39 15 Mar 2008

Hello Dipso. the problems were definitely with the router.

I've copied the stats from the router:

Mode: G.DMT
Type: Interleave
Line Coding: Trellis On
Status: No Defect

Downstream Upstream
Rate (Kbps): 1504 448

SNR Margin (dB): 10.9 17.0
Attenuation (dB): 63.0 31.5
Output Power (dBm): 12.1 16.5

Super Frames: 2373392 2373390
Super Frame Errors: 14 3
RS Words: 40347668 20173815
RS Correctable Errors: 1129 155
RS Uncorrectable Errors: 60 N/A

HEC Errors: 14 3
OCD Errors: 0 0
LCD Errors: 0 0
Total Cells: 143120086 0
Data Cells: 1185376 0
Bit Errors: 0 0

Total ES: 8 0
Total SES: 0 0
Total UAS: 13 0

Hope these help.

Thank you for responding

  Dipso 23:47 15 Mar 2008

OK. Your ds attenuation of 63db tells me you are some distance from the exchange, 63 is the maximum most routers will report so in reality it could be much higher. Your previous sync of 2450 was actually quite good for your long line.

You don't say what your problems were last night but your ds noise margin is 10.9 which is higher than the default 6 which indicates you have had some instability on your line. If this was a "one off" and you can maintain your connection for 14 days a subsequent reboot of the router should allow you to sync higher and your noise margin would reduce by 3db.

So basicaly, if you can maintain the connection you could eventually get your 2450 sync back.

  Border View 23:52 15 Mar 2008

Thanks Dipso. I've had no problems for over a year since I had the BT guy out. Line stablized then and has been OK since. I'm off on holiday tomorrow and will leave the router on. Will do a reboot upon return and let you know what happens.

Again thanks for the help.

PS the problems with my old router all stemmed from trying to link a second computer via a wireless dongle. Messed up big time.

  Dipso 00:02 16 Mar 2008

You are welcome.

Post back with any changes when you get back. If things haven't improved I'll suggest some other things to try.

Have a good one!

  Border View 13:54 25 Mar 2008

Well I am back (frozen stiff) and my sync speed is now 1.4 and a speed test on Think Broadband shows 1.1.

Is my problem the D-Link router, bearing in mind that my 3com was sync at 2.4. Could it have anything to do with the fact that at about the same time as I got the new router I had asked Zen about my BRAS profile being 2.0.

Would welcome your advice.

  Border View 13:55 25 Mar 2008

PS These are my figures now after a reboot:

Mode: G.DMT
Type: Interleave
Line Coding: Trellis On
Status: No Defect

Downstream Upstream
Rate (Kbps): 1472 448

SNR Margin (dB): 12.4 16.0
Attenuation (dB): 63.0 31.5
Output Power (dBm): 12.1 16.6

Super Frames: 83189 83187
Super Frame Errors: 0 0
RS Words: 1414216 707089
RS Correctable Errors: 15 3
RS Uncorrectable Errors: 0 N/A

HEC Errors: 0 0
OCD Errors: 0 0
LCD Errors: 0 0
Total Cells: 4909835 0
Data Cells: 122466 0
Bit Errors: 0 0

Total ES: 0 0
Total SES: 0 0
Total UAS: 13 0

  Border View 14:05 25 Mar 2008

Just been onto Zen customer portal and see that my BRAS profile as dropped to ADSL1250.

What on earth is going on here.

  Dipso 16:15 25 Mar 2008

That profile is probably correct for your current sync speed.

It could be the router. Some routers handle long lines better than others. I have never heard of D-link being particularly good with long lines. Even so, you still have room for improvement as your DS noise margin is still higher than the default at 12.4db

Have you tried the old router since, just to see what that syncs at?

Some routers known to work well with longer lines are the BT Business Hub aka 2wire 2700HGV, the Netgear DG834/G (although that can have other issues with ADSL Max) and the Speedtouch 585.

  Border View 14:36 27 Mar 2008

Just to let you know I purchased a Speedtouch 585v6 from Zen. Ordered it at 10.00 yesterday and it came 1.00 p.m. today.

Now have it installed and the sync speed shot straight back up to 2496.

Looks like the D-link just isnt suitable for long distances from the exchange. Will return it to Argos tomorrow.

Now I just have to wait for the exchange to recognise my improved sinc speeds and up my actual download speeds.

Thank you again for your help and advice.


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