New Windows Vista Laptop Memory problem?

  *Gary* 14:19 23 Apr 2007

Hi everybody, just bought a new laptop and seem to be having some issues with the memory. The specs are as follows..

Windows Vista Home Premium
Turion 64 X2 Mobile TL-60

I bought the laptop a week ago and haven't really installed any programs on it or got a lot of programs running at the same time, but I have noticed that on my old laptop (centrino 740 1.73ghz, 1GB RAM, 100GB HDD, 128 GEFORCE 6600 GRAPHICS, Win XP HOME) I could have about 40-50 Internet explorer windows up at a time, but with this one at the moment I have got a total of 26 up using 10 tabs, including 2 small youtube vids open, and I can't seem to open any more windows. Is this right? Surely I should be able to open more seeing as the specs better than my old laptop? In the task manager apparently 1.11GB of virtual memory is being used although i still have a total of 2GB. Could all this be because windows vista requires more memory to run, or should I be able to open more?

Would appreciate any comments


  jam500 14:28 23 Apr 2007

I know that Vista is memory hungry and it likes 1gb min and loves 2gb, So yes maybe with so much open you are using all the resources. Cant say for sure though.

  Fingees 14:38 23 Apr 2007

Why on earth do you need that much open anyway?

I have enough trying to read two at a time.

Just curious,
All the best.

  anskyber 14:40 23 Apr 2007

Yes Vista is RAM hungry, try this sidebar gadget, click here will give you a constant reading and processor usage. (dual core)

  *Gary* 14:41 23 Apr 2007

Lol, I was waiting for somebody to ask that. Erm well let me think. At the moment I have got so many pages open coz I am looking for some grappling shorts to buy and checking out different retailers and products, checking out forum pages, on youtube and also just general stuff basically.

  *Gary* 14:44 23 Apr 2007

Thanks for the previuos posts, I have already got that gadget (also thought it would be handy to have). I have closed a few of the windows now, but at the time when I couldn't open any more, it said that 55% of the ram was being used.

  anskyber 14:45 23 Apr 2007

Yes, I am running at 43% with 2 Gigs of RAM.

  anskyber 14:47 23 Apr 2007

Also. click here

  *Gary* 14:47 23 Apr 2007

How many internet explorer windows can you open without running any programs other than say virus protection and msn messenger?

  *Gary* 14:52 23 Apr 2007

Thanks for the link. From readying that, maybe it's about right then. Seems strange though that I better laptop performs worse. Perhaps if I were running vista on my old laptop, if would be even worse.

  -Dave.H- 08:08 24 Apr 2007

is there a RAM sidebar gadget for xp?

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