New Windows Update Hung

  Snrub 11:32 20 Oct 2010

A new windows update popped up today, something to do with 'live essentials' took a long time to install and seemed to hang halfway through. Shut down computer and re-started and choice given to install 'Bing Toolbar' or decline. Declined and uninstalled 'Bing Toolbar'
This update seems an odd way for MS to push their product?
Anyone else had similar experience?

  RGB76 11:37 20 Oct 2010

Refused that update myself, too much stuff that I would never use and could potentialy cause problems.

  birdface 11:55 20 Oct 2010

You must use MSE on your computer for an update to occur.
If not looks like you may have downloaded MSE which would give you 2 anti virus programs running on your computer.

  birdface 11:59 20 Oct 2010

Oops ignore last I was thinking about MSE and not Windows Live Essentials.Maybe updating you to the new 2010 Messenger and mail program.

  birdface 12:05 20 Oct 2010

I keep deleting Silverlight from them even though I have updates set to manual they seam to be able to bypass it and download it again.
I used revo Uninstaller the other day to remove it completely and did a repair to Live Essentials yesterday and yes there it was back again.
It does not matter how many times I have pressed do not show this update again it keeps comming back.
Maybe my imagination but I think my Browsing etc is a lot quicker without it.
Like yourself not that keen on Bing I prefer Google.

  Snrub 20:49 20 Oct 2010

I wrongly assumed it was an essential security update. I think it wrong to market Live Essentials, 20 Messenger and mail program in this way so it is downloaded before being offered the option to accept or decline.

  birdface 21:17 20 Oct 2010

I think most folk will have Windows Live Essentials downloaded on there computers.
You do not need to download everything it gives you a choice of what you want.

This is it.

click here

Now I know it does not show you on there but you just download what you want if you dont want e-mail or messenger you do not download them.
Although it says download it will open another page giving you the options of what to choose.
If you don't want anything like that to download again just switch automatic updates off and update manually about twice a month.
You could do a system restore to a time before the update if you want to remove it and go back to normal.
But you will need automatic updates switched off or it will update again.

  Snrub 23:16 20 Oct 2010

thanks buteman agree with what you say apart from it didn't 'open another page giving options of what to choose' until had already had installed the software.
When I declined it and run windows update manually to audit what had happened it showed the download as 'failed'
As I said in title the download just hung,this maybe why option was not presented before download?

  fullkeel59 16:04 21 Oct 2010

I have also had issues with the Windows Live update. After it updated and restarted my profile was screwed up (I'm the admin)Name was ther at login screen and password worked but that was it. NO documents, no favorites in explorer, nothing. Tried to restore to a previous point and all failed. Now the laptop won't boot at all. If the frustration level with MS gets any higher I see a vision in the near future with a big dent in the drywall and tiny bits of laptop on the floor below it. Anyone have any ideas on the restore point issue? That at least should elliminate the Windows live issues.

  john bunyan 20:53 21 Oct 2010

I had exactly the same problem
click here
In the end I used CCleaner to uninstall Windows Live Essentials.Then tried update again. This time the live update was offered asan optional one,I clicked to hide it. Ido not want any of the Windows Live Essentials. Ther was another updat for , I think, Office 2007. On another PC I refused the update .

  fullkeel59 21:33 21 Oct 2010

Snrub, wish I could try that but my laptop will no longer boot up. Tried to boot up with system repair but the little moving bar above Microsoft Corporation just keeps moving from left to right and nothing else happens

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