New Windows 7 PC blocking router acces to other PCs

  Haggis2008 11:23 11 Aug 2012

I have just built a new PC and have installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. I still have my old PC running XP connected to the same router. If I start the new pc then the XP machine cannot obtain a IP address. If I start the XP machine first it works fine and even after starting the new machine both PCs have internet access. It seems that the Windows 7 PC is not allowing any other PC onto the router. The router is a Netgear WGR614 v9 connected to Virgin Media.

  Taff™ 11:57 11 Aug 2012

How are these two connected to the wireless router? By RJ45 Cable or Wireless or a combination of both? The problem is more likely to be the wireless router not issuing the IP addresses correctly.

Best solution is to turn off both computers, disconnect the power from the wireless router and then disconnect the power from the Virgin Modem. Wait 5 minutes and then reconnect the modem and wait until the lights have stopped flashing and synched. (5 Minutes) Reconnect the wireless modem and again wait a few minutes. Then turn on the Win 7 machine followed by the XP machine. This should reset the DHCP server in the wireless router.

  Haggis2008 12:36 11 Aug 2012

Thanks for the quick reply Taff. Both are connected with RJ45. I have restarted both router and cable modem but problem was still there. I have now allocated a static IP to the XP machine and it works fine but would still be interested in what is causing the problem as I don't want to have to allocate static IPs to every computer I connect to router.

  Taff™ 12:59 11 Aug 2012

I would say that there is a problem with the wireless router. It is not one of the latest one's issued by Virgin because they are combined Modem wireless routers. Has it got the latest firmware update?

You may have solved the problem by allocating a static IP address. The alternative route would have been to permanently allocate the IP addresses allocated by the DHCP to specific machines (Usually by their MAC addresses.) Then other machines connected would still be allocated other addresses automatically.

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