new window opens small

  howard60 21:53 14 Jul 2003

I feel I should know this but cannot find a way to make a new window open up full size instead of quarter size. Using XP pro and a newly formatted hard drive. It is scary what you have to set up when you have not done it [for your own pc] for a year or so.

  VoG II 21:57 14 Jul 2003

Assuming that you mean Internet Explorer, when you click a link that opens a new window?

Close the original window. Drag the small window to fill the screen (not Maximise). Then File/Close (not X) to exit. The next time, Windows should remember your settings.

  gplatt2000 22:01 14 Jul 2003

How do I make Windows XP default to opening all windows (not just IE) full size? Thanks in advance, Gavin

  jazzypop 22:06 14 Jul 2003

VoG's method should work. Just in case it doesn't, an alternative method is to type in a browser window's address bar


(I suggest you copy and paste this, to ensure you get it exactly right.) Note that this assumes your display is set to 800x600 - if you are running a different resolution, adjust the values accordingly.

Although this is specific to your browser, it should be 'remembered' for other windows, too.

  howard60 23:14 14 Jul 2003

will try tomorrow and report back

  jazzypop 23:37 14 Jul 2003

More solutions at the bottom half of this thread - click here

  howard60 20:17 15 Jul 2003

VOG's method worked I should have remebered it from years ago that is the trouble with getting older and no wiser. Thanks again all.

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