New to Wi-Fi

  PC Advice Sir 18:03 26 Mar 2005

I recently bought a new PC with WLAN 54 MBit/s
Built-in wireless adapter IEEE 802.11g

Does that mean I am ready to go with wireless peripherals and/or broadband?

This is a completely new area that I know little about. I also have an elderly aunt living in an upstairs flat that I would like to keep my eye on with a wireless webcam, would I be ready to go with this? Sorry if the answer to these questions are somewhere within the forum, but I don't know where to look at the moment.


  vinnyo123 20:20 26 Mar 2005

Yes all you need is a connection to the internet "ISP". A wireless router or acces point and configure connection.

What type of connecton to you have for internet?

  PC Advice Sir 21:34 26 Mar 2005

I was looking at the BT Voyager 2100 Wireless ADSL Router which has excellent reviews and awards. Is this all I need now?

According to the info sheet from the BT website the voyager 2100 is connected physically to my PC, and from there subsequent wireless connections to other devices are possible, would this include the remote camera possibility that I spoke of?

Thanks ever so much for your reply :-)


  Forum Editor 00:55 27 Mar 2005

it won't work with a wireless router. If you want to receive video output wirelessly you'll need to use a wireless CCTV -type camera, which transmits to a special receiver. Then you can view the output on a normal TV screen.

As far as your computer is concerned, the Voyager router will be fine. It has a built-in ADSL modem, and will transmit to your computer's built-in wireless adapter with no problem. I assume that you need the router because the computer is in a different room? Otherwise there's little point in going wireless. If your computer is near the ADSL phone line you would be better off sticking with a plain ADSL modem.

  PC Advice Sir 08:16 27 Mar 2005

I guess that sums up my situation. I thought the wireless capability would allow me to connect devices (such as the camera) without wires of course, but it seems I have overestimated the versatility and usefulness of Wi-Fi :-(

Thanks for your replies.


  Forum Editor 10:13 27 Mar 2005

allows you to network computers that have wireless adapters installed - as yours does. It can also share an internet connection wirelessly to multiple computers.

What it can't do is act as a distribution centre for all manner of radio transmitters.

  PC Advice Sir 14:38 27 Mar 2005

The generous amount of info is very useful and greatly appreciated!

Paul. :-)

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