New website, what do you think?

  Chaz10 21:44 26 Jan 2006

Just built a new website for a mate and was hoping for a little feedback on what people thought,this is my first site so try not to be too harsh with the comments although all feedback is much appretiated.
I've posted in webdesign aswell.

click here



  Mikè 21:58 26 Jan 2006

Get an error when clicking the 'Home' link from anywhere in site.

Multiple Choices
The document name you requested (/1.html) could not be found on this server. However, we found documents with names similar to the one you requested.

Available documents:
/2.html (mistyped character)
/3.html (mistyped character)
/4.html (mistyped character)
/5.html (mistyped character)
/6.html (mistyped character)
/7.html (mistyped character)
/8.html (mistyped character)
Please consider informing the owner of the referring page about the broken link.


Also I think there is some law about having their address on the site somwhere.

To my non expert eyes seems ok otherwise.

  Mikè 21:59 26 Jan 2006

Forgot to say this is with Opera, fine with Firefox.

  Chaz10 22:00 26 Jan 2006

what browser are you using? i've tested with IE and Mozzila no probs can you help?

  Chaz10 22:01 26 Jan 2006

What law is there as I am new to this?

  bluto1 22:12 26 Jan 2006

Nice design. I`ve got a sight problem so couldn`t read it too well.(White print on light blue background)

  Mikè 22:23 26 Jan 2006

click here look at FE's post hope this helps.

  Chaz10 22:26 26 Jan 2006

Cheers will add

  citadel 22:34 26 Jan 2006

The page loads quickly on dial up, always a good idea as the guys from google found out. There are sites that take so long to load that I give up on them and go somewhere else.

  rsinbad 23:02 26 Jan 2006

looks good to me the only comment i would make is the description and price layout in plain black text somehow seems too plain, a little cramped and not in keeping.

  onokeck 23:34 26 Jan 2006

I'm afraid you have lost me (all of you!). I clicked on your link and get nothing more than a small printed page welcoming me to some nursery called headgesdirect. Nothing happens when I click on anything on the page. No graphics are displayed - nothing. What am I supposed to be seeing?? Casey

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