New website thoughts,

  Jimmy14 21:17 24 Apr 2007

I am back again but this time with a premium hosted website from Microsoft through their new Windows Live Office scheme. Only got it yesterday so go easy please,

click here

  Forum Editor 21:32 24 Apr 2007

but one thing jumps out immediately - you're asking people to download a document file before they can read your terms and conditions for use of your site.

That's a bad idea - terms and conditions must be out there, in text on an html page, for all to see. People mustn't be expected to download a file to their computers - lots won't do it. I wouldn't do it.

  Jimmy14 21:59 24 Apr 2007

Thanks for the suggestion. I have changed it. I would be grateful if at another time you would explore it and suggest some other improvements. I am still designing it.

  Forum Editor 23:49 24 Apr 2007

I'll take a look soon. In the meantime, I'm sure one of the others will be along with some comments.

  Sebastian Ereira 10:51 25 Apr 2007

good site

  Jimmy14 21:53 25 Apr 2007

Thank-you for your feedback. It must have taken some time to go over my site and type your response on here. I have attempted to correct all 14 errors and would be grateful if you could take a final look. Exams start on Tuesday 1st of May and finish on the 25th.

  Jimmy14 16:01 26 Apr 2007

Thanks again for your feedback. I have changed the last few things you spotted and also had a go at fixing the "font size" error. Please visit the website again to make sure everything is of an acceptable standard:))


  Jimmy14 16:06 26 Apr 2007

After looking at my homepage in IE7 when it is fine, I used Firefox and notice that the "US scientists" sentence is of a larger font. I have edited it to the same size as the other text but it won't work properly in Firefox and fine in IE.

  Jimmy14 17:37 26 Apr 2007

I went over that exact sentence and after fiddling about with it for a few minutes, it seems to be displaying the same as the other text on Firefox. I would be grateful if you could check it on your Firefox just to make sure.

  gibbs1984 20:56 26 Apr 2007

I had a quick look and in Firefox the links About Me, Weather Forecast and Contact Me in the main navigation don't underline when you hover over them buy they all do in IE7.

  SANTOS7 18:55 01 May 2007

Two biggies for me and i am no way a critic but the use of the JOOST and DELL logo's may well be in breech of copyright
click here

an explaination of the DELL USAGE usage policy is in the link.
The FE may be able to give you more detailed info on
what you can display and what not,good luck.....

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