alex22 20:26 18 Sep 2006

I have a new website called XP PC Help. My best try so far. Will upload it it about 10 mins.

Its just a starter so doesnt have much at mo.

Any thoughts.

(website address: click here)


  skidzy 20:47 18 Sep 2006

Alex ... if my memory serves me correctly you posted your first go a while back,if im correct you asked for a few pointers.Well,if this was you...its a massive improvement.......good on you,and good luck.

Apologies if ive got the wrong person.

  alex22 20:56 18 Sep 2006

your right it was me!!

so you think it is much better

  alex22 20:59 18 Sep 2006

ok great.

would love to hear forum editors suggestions if he is arround. anyway i gotta go now but leave a post if you want and i will be back on 2moro... i think!


  ade.h 21:03 18 Sep 2006

A long way to go yet, but getting better, certainly. Keep up the pace on your learning curve, Alex, and keep following the Webdesign forum closely.

  rodriguez 21:05 18 Sep 2006

Very nice. Makes a change from big glittery heart pics and photos of people randomly splashed all over the page which is what you usually find on sites made with Freewebs :-P this one's actually useful.

  Forum Editor 21:12 18 Sep 2006

I'll move it from the helproom to Webdesign.

  alex22 21:19 18 Sep 2006

thank you.

what do you think of the site

  Jim Thing 21:42 18 Sep 2006

However — it may not be a good idea to have your e-mail address in clear text all over the place, as I found that it acts as a spam magnet. Some years ago I had a helpful 'e-mail me' link on every page of my website — until the spam came flooding in. I had to change my address, and ended up munging the new address (by adding a single-pixel 'graphic image' in the background colour) and the spam ceased (well almost). Unfortunately it means that people can only e-mail me by typing in my address, but it's not as if I'm selling anything, and I've found that the people who want to e-mail me don't seem to mind the slight inconvenience. (Admittedly I've no idea how many people DO mind and simply couldn't be bothered though...)

Lastly a couple of nits from an addicted nitpicker:

1. 'FAQ questions' means 'Frequently Asked Questions questions' :-)
2. 'inconvinience' should be 'inconvenience' (it's in your note about Flash problems).

Hope this helps
Good luck

  ade.h 21:56 18 Sep 2006

If at all possible, always use a form. Code your PHP properly (scripts abound on the net) and look after your email address and you will have virtually no spam. Certainly none that can come as a direct result of your website.

Then code your form in such a way that allows for visually impaired users. I may have been paying too much attention to PurplePenny, but she's absolutely right! In fact, develop your whole site with that in mind if at all possible.

  Forum Editor 21:57 18 Sep 2006

if I didn't mention this Alex.

You aren't allowed to use the Windows logo, or any other Microsoft logo on a website unless you have express permission from Microsoft. They're very touchy about it, and if they find out that you're doing it one of their lawyers will contact you.

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