New website please look

  hargranules 11:18 07 Oct 2006

Just finished a new site. It needs more photos and more links on useful links page.

But if could have a look and comment would be grateful.

click here

  AndySD 12:13 07 Oct 2006

Hi some thoughts

you are here take the link off as it justs reloads the page (except on the Home page where it go's to a different page.

The Photo Album - thr links on the bottom left are difficult to spot and use if, like me you have your favorites showing.

Its clean and quick, nice

Is there something going into the top left corner as it looks empty and personally I think the blue spaces are too large.

Can I also ask whu in the navigation it says

- Home

but no '-' on Extensions etc.

  hargranules 12:20 07 Oct 2006

Thanks for comments. Agree about you are here.

With the lines next to navigation but not photo albums was to make it look a bit different but if looks silly will make all the same.

Re photo albums and links at bottom, i agree not easily accessible but when i put at top of page above photos looked naff. Don't really want anything outside of white page on albums. Any ideas would be great!

  AndySD 12:30 07 Oct 2006

Try putting them bottom right.

Sorry about this as I dont like pulling things to peices (but thats why I check mine here) but check the mouseover on your links as on the Home page after visiting the contact page, in Navigation only the H in Home turns red, services and useful links dont change at all and contact us turns red. None of the links in Photo Album change ar all.

Just a thought ... on the Photos before/after why not place a link on the page to the other image.

  hargranules 12:53 07 Oct 2006

The links are on bottom right. Where are they showing on yours??

Will check all colours on mouseovers, thanks for that.

Brillant idea with before and afters particularily when i get alot more photos.

  ade.h 13:48 07 Oct 2006

As this is a commercial website, I would have concerns about the lack of accessibility. And the code is a bit of a mess, but I mentioned that in your other thread. I think it needs a dynamic layout as well, since you have quite a narrow content area with the navigation drifting out to sea on the left. Try this: click here
and adjust your browser's width while you view it.

  ade.h 13:52 07 Oct 2006

The photo galleries have a bit of an alignment/size issue with the thumbnails. And I couldn't help noticing that there are two pages that feature images from one garden between them, which doesn't gel with a company that has been in business for "many years". It needs more variety.

  AndySD 13:52 07 Oct 2006

I typed right and meant left.

  old&nojob 20:36 07 Oct 2006

Nice and 'clean' BUT no CSS and tables?!

PS I hear rounded boxes (which cn be done with CSS) are the in thing.

All the best.

  ade.h 20:42 07 Oct 2006

We love CSS around here! Tables are dead, long live CSS.

  PurplePenny 21:45 07 Oct 2006

...unless, of course, you are presenting tabular data and then tables are a must.

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