New website - opinions please!

  sugarbabe 19:47 14 Oct 2006

Have changed my website and would like some opinions and also some help.

I am using frontpage and the page has a white margin / border around it and i cannot work out why. Also the page 'shuffles' where it is not lined up properly.

Some help would be great

  sugarbabe 19:52 14 Oct 2006

oops been a long day

click here

  kindly 20:40 14 Oct 2006

You have what the customer needs to know. Like what work you do. As a customer i would like to see a freindly face or two. maybe a picture of someone working on a computer. I used a free program to make my site. It can be got from click here
You can use it to upload the site or just to build it. take a look at mine to see what i mean
click here

  Ade_1 20:53 14 Oct 2006

I like it, it is clean and tidy.
However I would have to say that the main text is slightly difficult to read, its the contrast between the grey and the white background, it may just be me but I find it slightly difficult to read, personally I would change it to a darker colour.

Another issue regarding color -

The links on the navigation squares in the top right, are a bit difficult to read as the black text doesnt stand out too well on a dark purple background.

Other than that its a very nicely laid out site :). It is also easy to get around unlike some sites...



  Ade_1 20:53 14 Oct 2006

oops, only one Aidan was meant there... lol :)

  PurplePenny 22:10 14 Oct 2006

Aiden is right about the contrast: I've just run Juicy Studio's colour contrast test on your page and the text is too light against the white. It also failed the black on purple and the "contact us" grey on grey.

This means that your page would be hard to read for those with imapired vision.

On another accessibility note: you have two <h1> tags. THere should only be one but in fact one of yours only contains a non-breaking space.

You have also used h2 tags to format paragraphs of text. Heading tags should only be used for headings not formating.

  PurplePenny 22:11 14 Oct 2006

"imapired" = impaired

  sugarbabe 22:25 14 Oct 2006

Thanks for heading remarks. I will change text colour as well. Any ideas why i have white all round page and also on IE browser the squares seem to change sizes even though i have set height and width.

  sugarbabe 22:27 14 Oct 2006

Also just personal opinion really do you think all pink & purple bit too girlie????

  PurplePenny 22:56 14 Oct 2006

I think it looks OK (but I would like the purple wouldn't I?).

Forgot to mention that you need to move your Doctype. Can't remember now and I've closed the source code. I think that you had it after your head tag. Where ever it was the W3C validator couldn't find it.

I didn't notice the squares changing when I looked at it in IE. 23:31 14 Oct 2006

If you are running a business, especially one that concerns IT and PCs, you should have a professional looking website.

Quite frankly, although it looks neat and well laid out, as soon as you look at it you can tell it is an amateur effort.

Sorry if that hurts, but it could lose you propective clients. Most sites associated with IT services look exactly so, like they are built by people who know their stuff.

Good luck anyway, Whiz...

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