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  sugarbabe 17:55 04 Feb 2008

Hi Just nearly finished a new website wondered if anyone would care to take a look particularily to make sure links work correctly (only one working in top box at moment is home page)

click here

Appreciate any comments Thanks

  sugarbabe 19:09 04 Feb 2008

Thanks for comment, I agree write up about both brands would be good. When i do the tiling service page will put the area in.

Thanks alot for comments

  Kemistri 21:16 04 Feb 2008

It looks like it wants to be centred, but isn't. It uses a table layout, but doesn't warrant this deprecated layout. It's simple and clean, but not elegant enough to really sell the product. It needs more elegance and a bit more pizazz. A website sells its product within the first few seconds before the visitor has even read anything - the content is there to reinforce their initial sub-concious opinion and inform them. You have the two most important facts immediately visible - who it is and what they are selling. I presume, due to the absence of a link such as "trade enquiries", that it is retail only?

  gibbs1984 21:31 04 Feb 2008

Your small images when you click on some of them they open in another window in the same size as the previous window, like here click here, if you're going to have them open in a new window then make sure the new image is a lot bigger, after all that is the point of them. Small preview images that turn into big clear images.

I like the site though, clean and easy to navigate.

  sugarbabe 21:34 04 Feb 2008

appreciate comments about the images. did realise few i need to change.

Kemistri - any suggestions on how to add pizazz???

  Kemistri 21:42 04 Feb 2008

That's up to you. Take a look at what is out there - and not just in tiling. Think about what the site's intended visitors have in mind when they are looking for good quality tiles for a smart new kitchen design - what will draw their attention and inspire them to purchase?

I noticed that graphical elements are conspicuous by their absence - do you use a graphics editor of any kind? Can you manipulate photos as well?

  sugarbabe 21:48 04 Feb 2008

Haven't got a graphics program at mo, put posting on other evening about backgrounds and was told about whitespace!

  Kemistri 23:05 04 Feb 2008

The one-colour box with plain white text is too bland and under done. The colour is a good choice but it really needs to be more interesting and complete. If you use a graphical banner or similar design element, you can create plain text equivalents for accessibility and position them off screen. I do this routinely to get the best of worlds. Don't rely too much on borders, either.

Your whitespace needs some work yet. For example, why is there no margin between the text and the image, and a large margin above the image?

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