New To Webcams Help Needed

  mooser 18:47 13 Jan 2003
  mooser 18:47 13 Jan 2003

hi i have alogic webcam installed and i want to speak to relatives in spain they also dont know what to do so i hope someone can help, i have the microphone which is seperate and up and running i use dial up on aol 56k , i also have netmeeting on my desktop and i use xp home the other people i want to speak to have not got xp.
i want to know how to speak to them using my webcam as i have no idear where to start we have had our webcams for sometime now and would love to use them, i hope someone can help.
thanks karen.

  VoG™ 18:59 13 Jan 2003

You need some instant messaging software like Windows Messenger that you will already have, certainly on your XP machine.

Once you've set these up, you both connect to the net and "sign in" in Messenger. Then one of you clicks a button to start a video conversation.

  recap 19:03 13 Jan 2003

mooser, there is Yahoo for your conferencing. All you need do is sign up to Yahoo and configure the account for conferencing. Once all of you have Yahoo installed you do pretty much the same as with Messenger to connect to each other.

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