rotormota 17:47 29 Jul 2005

My website is now 'online' & has been for a week or so. Typing the address into Google brings up the 'sorry no information available for the url blah blah....'. 'if the url is valid try clicking on the following link...' which is my correct site address & clicking brings up my site.

If it can find the url why is my site not listed on a Google listing page?

Any ideas?


  tasslehoff burrfoot 20:39 29 Jul 2005

you say "typing the address" into google. So, perhaps google isn't finding your site it's merely being helpful by turning the address you have typed into a link?

I would have thought a week is much too soon for google to find you.

As I say, just a guess!


  ade.h 16:32 30 Jul 2005

In my initial experience of this, neither my site nor a friend's business site that I have published are yet listed. It can take time for a site to become established in the Google system, unfortunately.

Links on other sites help; Google has a few tips in its FAQ.

Searching for a key piece of text from your site will show for sure whether it's listed yet. Typing a URL merely makes it easy for Google to read that back to you without actually recognising it. Unfortunately, it doesn't prompt Google to search for content at a new URL that it doesn't already know.

  Forum Editor 16:56 30 Jul 2005

has the answer. Google haven't listed your site - it's far too soon - so they turn the address into a hyperlink by default. Helpful, aren't they?

  Kev.Ifty 23:07 01 Aug 2005

Try listing it with Yahoo as well.

Why not provide a 'click here' link. We could be amongst your first visitors ;-)

click here

  rotormota 18:01 04 Aug 2005


So how long does it take for Google or any other search engine to 'find' a site & start listing it?


  kissanpoika 16:40 05 Aug 2005

Could be weeks, could be months all depends...

Have you got any other sites linking to you? Bear in mind that is the easiest way for Google to find you as their spiders follow links on other pages to discover new pages.

  ade.h 21:21 05 Aug 2005

Try registering your site and business with a few relevant links and listings sites such as click here and click here. Both of these sites feature quite highly in Google pagerankings, so will help to boost your own ranking. As a rule of thumb, the more the merrier, so register with as many as possible. click here

  anchor 17:05 10 Aug 2005

click here

Might speed things along.

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