New Victim !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Spicy2006 13:32 29 Aug 2007

Hey - i have recently been victim to the dreadful f****** annoying MBS pop-up billing!

When it appeared i was terrified as i never look at the sorts of sites this mbs was claiming i had registered to (mysexworld). I was going to pay it and cancel the contract and hope it went away - then i found this forum.

I read through nearly all 19 pages of this forum and have managed to get rid of this horrid thing -I think. I followed fhiufhyrefyer advise 0 so thankyou and i also dwnloaded the PrevX 2.0 program which was fantastic, it cleared everything.

I want people to know the codes have changed though - i could not find and MBS, mbs, imvalid.ico, smtemplate etc on my computer. So i searched for the installation date and found these 5 files:

Thanks to all the people who have posted on here - you lot were such a great help - i would have never got rid of it without you. I hope the codes i found on my computer will help us all keep up with this MBS company and help new victims find them in the C:WINDOWN/syetem32 file.


  helpinghand 14:49 29 Aug 2007

Did anyone visit that site, Spicy? Is it possible that another family member, or a friend, used your pc to access that site? If you are quite certain that the answer to those questions is 'no', then I think you should look at other postings - and should certainly complain to Trading Standards and elsewhere.

As I understand it, the websites using MBS software now have warnings prominently displayed. I never go near such sites, so am loath to check this out personally. Can others comment on this?

  [email protected] 15:00 29 Aug 2007

also an exe file cannot install itself, as i understand it. i went to a site (from a computer help link, honest gov) and it did seem worded correctly, i guess it comes down to small print. however there do seem to be a lot of people who don't know where it came from.

  Shocked 12:10 17 Nov 2007

Hi. Having very recently had the internet installed in my home, i received a pop up for On recieving this, i tried to click off it only to actually click on it! I then managed to click off it only to later recieve a bill for £39.99 for a 3 month subscription!! This site i have never visited again so i phoned MBS to ask them to take it off! I was told i had subscribed to the free 3 day trial and when i had not cancelled it i was billed as above. The very rude woman said this so called "subscription" must be paid. I nearly have paid it and phoned MBS to pay via debit card. The again very rude lady told me i could only pay by credit card or cheque. I then told her that i would pay by cheque and she has taken the bill pop off my laptop for 7 days. I then found this site! Can someone please tell me whether i have to pay this legally?? and if not how do i get rid of the bill pop up??

  VoG II 12:20 17 Nov 2007
  bretsky 15:09 17 Nov 2007


  Shocked 16:08 19 Nov 2007

Thanks wotbus. Really want to get this removed and already have McAfee security so what are mt next steps??

  rdave13 22:31 24 Nov 2007

Maybe VoG™'s link will help?

  helpinghand 08:39 25 Nov 2007

Can I just ask for a bit more clarification? You say you received a pop up for this website - was that as the result of googling, or did it arrive unbidden? Can you remember what preceded the pop up? These are important issues, and anything you can remember will be helpful.

Incidentally, I think you may need to set your security level higher in order to stop adult material appearing like this on your computer. You can do this through internet options. The menu will help you to determine what level is appropriate for you, but it sounds as if yours is set too low.

  hnjsdad 11:23 26 Nov 2007

Hi - same old story I'm afraid but I am now in real trouble. The warning message has gone (expired??)but it is clear my computer is suffering from some form of maltreatment. Once on the internet I can view any page but if I try to make any link or download anything it locks up automatically. I am having to send this message from another computer having tried to access help on my own but being blocked. I have tried to download some anti virus software but again was blocked - so it seems I'm hitting a brick wall using my own computer. I am not at all computer literate so any 'simple' advice would be mega appreciated

  wee eddie 13:51 26 Nov 2007

Prior to the MBS linkage, did you have an Anti Virus Program running, and updated, on your PC?

Also, have you any Anti Spyware or Malware programs loaded and run regularly?

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