New User Windows XP.

  Gorillaz 11:36 27 Jan 2003

I am a new user to XP and have the following questions relating to software installation. I have the following programes to install and need advice on the order of intsallation.
1. Office 2000, I willl be upgrading to Office XP is best to wait and do a fresh install of XP.
2. Partition Magic version 5, will this work with XP or will I need to upgrade, I have a 30meg drive that I will partition into 3 drives can this be done within XP?
3. Probaly the worst program of all WinFax Pro version 10, will this work with XP or will I need to upgrade?
4. ACT 2000.
5. Finally Norton Firewall 2003, I know that XP has a built in firewall but I am used to using the full Norton products, is there a possible conflict?
I have decided to take the softly softly approach and not start to install anyhthing untill I recieve replies. Finally any advice on possible problems I may experience during the early days appreciated.

  Lozzy 11:48 27 Jan 2003

1. you can install Office 2000 and Office XP without re-installing Windows XP..

2. Partition Magic will be ok as well

3. Win Fax you will need version 10.5 for XP

4. Act 2000 Don't know

5. Norton 2003 is good and will not cause any conflicts

Do it slowly, reboot after each installation then if any issues appear you will know which program has caused it.. Good luck

  Sir Radfordin™ 11:57 27 Jan 2003

ACT 2000 will install without any problems, or at least it did when I did it on XP!

There is a patch you need to download from the ACT Support site to get it to work with Office XP but thats a minor problem and can quickly be sorted.

  Gorillaz 15:34 27 Jan 2003

Thanks for the replies, a couple of other points have cropped up.
1 The Sony I have bought does not ship with a floppy drive, is one really needed?
2. I am going to upgrade the ram from 256 to 562, or would more be better.
3. I have read articles about copying your your main drive to a backup partition, which is the best software, Norton Ghost, Drive Image etc.
4. I have a copy of Service Pack 1 for XP, what is the latest revision, I have heard that 2 & 3 are avilable but only from Microsoft.

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:45 27 Jan 2003

Go for as much RAM as you can with the board and also afford. Upto 1GB would be good!

As for Services Pack, the only released one is SP1. click here for a list of what is to be fixed in SP2.

  garybaldy 15:49 27 Jan 2003

my computer was very slow and all my folders were in a mess so after alot of advise i decided the best thing i could do would be to to start again from scratch .
i save my favourites from I/E and my address book in O/E and then placed the product recovery DVD-rom into my drive.
Windows XPhome edition was pre installed when i bought my laptop.
i followed all the instruction on the screen and i am currently re installing my hardware and software. have i done things correctly and does this mean that me hard drive was COMPLETELY wiped. I received the microsoft works suite that was all in dutch do i need to re install this or is there a link in which i can download this in english.

  garybaldy 15:57 27 Jan 2003

sorry gorillaz ive just posted a new thread in your question .my mistake.

  garybaldy 15:57 27 Jan 2003

sorry gorillaz ive just posted a new thread in your question .my mistake.

  Gorillaz 17:02 27 Jan 2003

Only just noted in the Sony spec that you can only install a maximum of 562meg of ram so it will have to be an additional 256 module.

  barrie_g 18:42 27 Jan 2003

most of what is listed may be of use to someone but when are they going to provide support for the Mt. Rainier protocol?

  Gorillaz 18:58 27 Jan 2003

Cazzo what is the Mt. Ranier protocol

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