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  barbara14 12:12 08 Jun 2009

Please could someone help me. I have only just recently started using a Samsung R610 laptop,and I am with o2 broadband. I am gradually learning everything, but it takes time. I have been having problems with Mcafee Security, and I managed to remove it from my laptop. However I decided to use Avast Anti-virus but when I went to download it said to either Run or Save, and as I have never downloaded before I did'nt what to do. So I thought I would get some advice first.

  OTT_Buzzard 12:25 08 Jun 2009

I'm not sure on the anti-virus / firewall problems you are having wihtout more details, but I can tell you this; you are not the first person and will not be the last to have problems with Mcafee!

As far as the Run / Save option is concerned; if you want to store the file on your hard drive for future use, the select Save. This will download it to the location specified (make a note of where it is).

If you select Run, it will effectively run the file without downloading it*. So, if you are looking at picture and have selected Run, then the picture won't be permanently saved to your hard drive.

Most programmes to you will need to download, you will need to select Save so that you have a copy permanently available to you for re-installing if necessary.

Hope this help, feel free to post back if you get any problems.

* that's not strictly speaking true, in reality it dowenloads a copy to a temporary directory which may be automatcally deleted later. Don't want to confuse issues though!

  Peter 12:34 08 Jun 2009


If you have somewhere to save the Avast download file, which is about 35 Meg I believe, then you can do so and run the file while offline from the Internet. Otherwise you can just run it instead of saving it.

There could be a problem here though as it appears you are going online without any antivirus protection as you say you have removed McAfee. If this is the case perhaps it is best that you get a friend, who does have virus protection, to download the file for you and put it on a CD or a pen drive. Alternatively you may be able to find Avast on a Computer Magazine Cover Disk. You need to do this before going back online.


  Diemmess 17:30 08 Jun 2009

Your most urgent need is good cover against any sort of malware.
Merely going online to download Avast carries only an infinitessimal risk but should be the next thing you do.
click here
Avast is only one of several good free programs for home use, and is well spoken of on this site.

"Download" will put the program on your hard disk.
Then "run" the program which will install it.
Follow the prompts and let Avast sort things out for you.

When you are happy that you are protected is it time to think of a fire wall.
This is usually another program which prevents hackers passing your router on the lookout for unprotected systems.
Come back here if in doubt what to do next.
With Firewall programs again there is ample cover available without a charge.

  sharpamat 17:51 08 Jun 2009

If I am correct your laptop is running Vista witch has a basic firewall. Dependant on this being either a 32bit or 64 bit version bear in mind before installing anything

With regard to your question on save or run. to run installs whatever you are downloading. the save means you can save it. and by clicking on what you have saved at a later date to install it.

If you later remove it or want to install it again you already have the file.

The easiest way to save a file and find it again is first creat a new folder, ( Right click on empty part of desktop and select new folder then type the name of what you are calling it ie you said Advast )

After its downloaded you can open the folder and you have the installation program you have downloaded.
Just a quick thought over your problems with mcfee firewall had you disabled windows firewall? if not your problem may have been just a simple conflict between two programs

  Pineman100 19:19 08 Jun 2009

Choose "Run".

You could choose "Save" and save the file to your hard drive, but as Avast is free software you could always download it again, if at some point in the future you need to.

So choose "Run".

  Kevscar1 07:53 09 Jun 2009

Personally I save all my downloads to an external harddrive, That way if anything should go wrong and I have to reinstall the oS they are all their ready so I don't have to search for them again
Once a year I delete the ones I know won't be needed again.

  barbara14 19:16 09 Jun 2009

Thank-you very much for all your replies. The problem I had with Mcafee was that I registered it through the o2 broadband start up cd and for some reason it did'nt register properly, I think alot of people have been having the same problem. Mcafee seemed to be slowing down my use of internet explorer, so I thought it would be better to remove it. I downloaded Avast and everything seems to be working much better now. I am using Windows Firewall as well.

  gazzaho 05:20 10 Jun 2009

Hi two other programs you may want to download for spyware protection is AntiMalwarebytes found here click here and SpywareBlaster found here click here update and run malwarebytes every now and again to check for spyware, just install SpywareBlaster and update it every few weeks, SpywareBlaster runs in the background once set up and blocks malicious sites from accessing Internet Explorer and/or Firefox.

These programs will work with most anti virus suites, including, I believe Avast without conflict.

  Jim Thing 14:45 11 Jun 2009

Just to support what gazzaho wrote:
I use Avast with SpywareBlaster (and with AdAware and Spybot S&D) and I've never had a conflict problem.

  T I M B O 14:56 11 Jun 2009

I always scan any download with Avast Pro, Malwarebytes & click here

Always best to feel safe before installing or opening any download, even from an email.

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