"New" user accounts i never added

  paradiddle1984 01:35 02 Feb 2004

hi all im on winxp pro and ive just booted my machine up, being on broadband i rarely shutdown.

anyways i boot up and instead of there being just the one "administrator" account which is mine there is now a "Zen Diagnostic" account which is password protected and an ASP.net framework account which i managed to delete.

What are these accounts and why are they on my pc? any ideas?

I cant delete the admin one the same as the ASP.net one as it has admin access rights. imon zen internet, reckon they are linked??????


  powerless 01:45 02 Feb 2004

ASP.net framework click here
Can be installed via Windows Update.

Zen Diagnostic - I take it ZEN is your ISP?

  powerless 01:46 02 Feb 2004

"imon zen internet"

  paradiddle1984 01:50 02 Feb 2004

lol, so anywho, how can i delete this administrator account, even when i go into control panel from MY account, the option to delete it isnt there?

  paradiddle1984 01:50 02 Feb 2004

is there a computer management option, im sure someone mentioned it but i dont kno how to access it

  kangawallafox 01:52 02 Feb 2004

computer management is accessed through the controll panel under the "Administrative Tools" icon

  gold 47 01:53 02 Feb 2004

Zen Diagnostics is part of the Ganssle Group
Embedded systems programing, have you downloaded anythink or put any cd roms in Looks like you have a virus have you done a scan?myself i would do a full format and reinstall unless someone else
on the forum could come up with better advice.

  gold 47 01:54 02 Feb 2004

Do you have an account with ZEN ISP???

  paradiddle1984 01:55 02 Feb 2004

i have norton antivirus 2003 and my virus definitions are up to date and i scanned just last night!!


Im searching in google for "zen diagnostic" but nothing is comin up

  kangawallafox 01:57 02 Feb 2004

Paulcomp says in his post
quote: "imon zen internet" endquote

  paradiddle1984 01:58 02 Feb 2004

ive not downloaded anything either or used any cd roms, i just use the net for keepin in touch

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