new update to CCleaner 2.10.618

  sunny staines 12:29 30 Jul 2008

- Added Type Library cleaning to Registry Cleaner.
- Improved File Extension scanning in Registry Cleaner.
- Added /SHUTDOWN command-line parameter to shutdown the computer
after cleaning. Only works with /AUTO.
- Added Shutdown option to system tray menu.
- Added support for Vista common dialogs.
- Fixed bug in Uninstaller Tool where some items were hidden.
- Fixed multi-monitor issue with dialogs.
- Fixed incompatibility with Windows Search 4.0.
- Added seconds to filename when saving .REG files.
- Improved RegEdit location navigation.
- Improved Google Earth cleaning and detection.
- Memory usage optimizations.
- Minor bug fixes.

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  compumac 12:49 30 Jul 2008

Thanks for that.

  compumac 12:53 30 Jul 2008

I said thanks for that - however CCleaner removed 1,052 Mb. I use CCleaner every week and have never had such a high figure. Keeping fingers crossed, although I have only just created a system image yesterday.

  ste76 13:24 30 Jul 2008

I ran the registry scan and deleted everything without making a backup first... am i incredibly brave or what?

  compumac 13:49 30 Jul 2008

I do that every time, but this time I am a little apprehensive at the amount of 1,052Mb being removed since I use the programme regularly.
Not since I first used it many eons ago has the amount been that high. On that occasion it was
something in the region of 760Mb and I backed out quickly but then after a few days of looking through the forums I put my trust in what CCleaner did and just allowed to delete anything it found without creating a restore point.

  dagbladet 13:50 30 Jul 2008


I'd be interested to hear the outcome. Seems an awful lot for a week. Could it be the Google Earth cleaner?

  jolorna 13:55 30 Jul 2008


  compumac 14:04 30 Jul 2008

Currently every programme that I have used since updating CCleaner would appear to be functioning as it should. However over the next twenty four hours I will go through everything.
Google Earth cleaner??

  dagbladet 15:26 30 Jul 2008

Above in the opening post is a list of the changes /improvements within the update. One is "- Improved Google Earth cleaning and detection."

I wondered if you had stacks of google earth stuff in the cache, which previously went undetected but is now 'cleaned'.

Wild stab in the dark.

  compumac 16:21 30 Jul 2008

Sorry I missed the reference to "Improved Google Earth". You could very well be correct. All still working as expected including Google Earth

  rdave13 16:25 30 Jul 2008

Thank you.

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