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  [email protected]© 16:35 25 Nov 2007

I know this is not PC related but you are all so helpful. My parents wanna get a new HD ready flatscreen 32" TV. Should it be LCD or TFT? Any recommendations? They are looking to spend £300-£400 but I dont know much about TVs. Resolution etc.... links would be helpful. Thanks.

  rossgolf 16:39 25 Nov 2007

it shud be a lcd the tft's are the old versions you wont find many tft hd tvs i dont think the panosonic vieras i really good not sure bout price

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:07 25 Nov 2007

make sure it has freeview.
most 32" with freeview will be £400 or more.
have a look at the 32" Tevion in Aldi now.

  [email protected]© 17:14 25 Nov 2007

I don't think freeview is necessary is it as we have Sky.

  [email protected]© 17:27 25 Nov 2007

I think I meant to say Plasma or LCD not TFT!

  Graham. 17:41 25 Nov 2007

Have a look at what you could have had click here

Worth having Freeview, gives more choice if you are recording.

  anskyber 17:47 25 Nov 2007

LCD at that size. Plasmas are very good for very big panels.

  [email protected]© 20:39 27 Nov 2007

click here

Could someone tell me if this has everything that is required with all the changes that are coming up and if it is a good buy. The jargon is confusing me a little. Is DVB-Digital the same as freeview? Whats the Sky bit too? I have Virgin Cable!! Thanks.

  [email protected]© 19:35 28 Nov 2007

What you think please peeps.

  anchor 10:10 29 Nov 2007

DVB-Digital: It appears that this is another name for, what in the UK, is used for the Freeview.

Whilst Hyundai are not well known for the TV`s, (they are better known for their vehicles). The spec: of the Hyundai TV in your link seems fine, and at a good price.

  anskyber 10:18 29 Nov 2007

The reference to Sky is meaningless.

In effect it's an HD Ready TV which has an HDMI socket which is required for HD sources like Sky HD or other things like upscaling DVD players and Sony Playstations with that type of output.

If you have cable then your normal connections will work just the same.

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