New theme for Windows XP?

  powerless 19:02 29 Jun 2004

Take a look at this: click here

Thing they will senak it in to SP2?

  Charence 19:49 29 Jun 2004

i don't think it looks that good, it looks too flat!

It'd be nice if they include some more wallpapers, screensavers of themes with SP2 because XP hardly has any standard.


  powerless 05:13 30 Jun 2004

Well i'm not sure if it's legal?

But there are some sites offering it as a download.

  powerless 05:52 30 Jun 2004

Don't think that would happen.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:29 30 Jun 2004

Am I missing something but it looks hardly any different to the silver theme that comes bundled with XP. I am unimpressed.


  powerless 07:36 30 Jun 2004

It has a glass effect, it has to be seen to be believed ;-))

  D-P-R 08:05 30 Jun 2004
  Kate B 11:57 30 Jun 2004

D-P-R, where do you install the file?

  Charence 13:33 30 Jun 2004

Maybe not, XP does have far fewer colour schemes than all of the other Windows OSs which is a shame. I'm using the standard blue XP theme which I think is quite good. Much better than the classic one.

  €dstowe 14:09 30 Jun 2004

It's all self indulgent navel contemplation.

I use my computers for more important things that admiring its "themes" and other pointless frippery.

Anyone who has the "themes" on view for more time than passing on the way to something else - and, worse, actually admires them - ought to enquire of themselves what they have a computer for.

  Kate B 15:02 30 Jun 2004

€dstowe - wow, that's pompous! Phew! I get all sorts of uses out of my computer: I use it for work and for fun. And what's wrong with wanting it to be reasonably easy on the eye?

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