New TFT Monitor - Dead pixels?

  woodbexhill 15:06 16 Aug 2004

Just got my new 17" TFT Delivered. I can't see the problem on this particular website, but whenever I go to a webpage with a red or black background, a red pixel clearly appears and stands out - however on certain colours it isn't there. The same goes for a green pixel on another area of the screen, it is currently not viewable and you would be easily mistaken for thinking it is not there - but when I go to certain coloured screens it shows up.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this on my Laptop screen aswell, where I believe it occured periodically.

Does this mean the monitor is permanently damaged and I should request another, or will it fix itself, or is there a way I can fix it myself? And also, what exactly is the problem I have described.


  Chegs ® 15:18 16 Aug 2004

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Djohn Fri, 30.07.04 | 11:24
Chegs ®
Dead pixels are now few and far between though you may just be unlucky enough to buy one that has this fault. Some CRT monitors also arrive with a fault as you yourself mention in your post above.
I too have an AOC TFT but the 17" model, it really is superb to view. Like yourself and many others I also worried if my new TFT would have any faulty pixels on purchase, I needn't have, the shop opened the box and tested the monitor for me before purchase.

All the major suppliers of TFT panels have different guidelines as to how many and what type of faulty pixel must be showing before you can return it for replacement. Don't worry about this though, If your monitor is faulty (Any reason) You have 14 days to return to shop for full refund, no questions asked.

This applies to PC World, Comet, Staples and all the on-line suppliers as well. No need to say your returning because it has a fault, just a matter of you have changed your mind and would like a refund please. Must be within the 14 days though.

If your monitor is pixel perfect on delivery, remains so for the first week of use then the chance of it developing faulty pixels is very slight, it will also still carry the three year warranty for any other problem or if the display eventually develops dead pixels to a degree more than the allowed amount.

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