New system - monitor won't come on

  sbrantd 19:27 28 Aug 2004


I've just built a new system ABIT NF7-S2G, Athlon 3000+ CPU, Galaxy 6800GT graphics but when it comes to boot there is no monitor. Tried 512mb DDR 400 RAM in DIMM 3 then 2 then 1 but this hasn't helped - any ideas anyone?


  Totally-braindead 19:29 28 Aug 2004

Usually the problem is the graphics card not being seated properly, especially with a new motherboard, needs a good push to get it properly in the AGP slot. Try taking it out and refitting it.

  jack 19:42 28 Aug 2004

Try all the connections. Reseat Graphics Card
Re connect Data cable checking all pints are straight. Check monitor Power.
You did not say if the monitor is powered up and not getting signal, or is simply dead.
If it is a TFT check its power supply.

  Night Ryder 20:38 28 Aug 2004

What graphics card are you using. Not only do they come with different speeds and amounts of memory but if you are using an older graphics card the motherboard could be supplying it with an incorrect voltage. Hope this is not the case because in some circumstances this can do damage the motherboard and/or graphics card.

Check the specs., of your motherboard and graphics card. Pay particular attention to voltages.

  Dorsai 21:16 28 Aug 2004

My money is on Totally-braindead. New board = very stiff agp slot. Just dont be too forcefell, jou don't want to break anything.

Do you even get a beep when you power it up? if you get nothing or severl beeps it it trying to tell you somthing is wronmg.

One thing i have heard though. some makes of mobo's have been known ot ship their boards with the 'clear cmos' jumper not in the 'run' postiion. aparently this prevents the cmos battery going flat in storage. If they forget to mention this in the manual, or you don't read the manual....check the jumper is in the correct position for normal use.

  jonski 22:49 28 Aug 2004

everything that has been suggested has been tried over and over again, as for the voltages, we`ve tried a bog standard graphics card again with no signal to the monitor, and there are no system beeps, yesterday i actually had the monitor powered up no probs atall, then we replaced the mobo again today and the problem came back..a baffler if ever there was one..??

  sbrantd 01:57 29 Aug 2004

Cheers John!

  Night Ryder 03:45 29 Aug 2004

I think you have a faulty motherboard.

  jonski 10:07 29 Aug 2004

we`ve changed the mobo too Night Ryder...

  jack 14:00 29 Aug 2004

Well we seemed to have cvered the 'box' pretty well
take a llo at the monitor - thats the bit that is no working -right?

what sort of Monitor is it ? CRT or LCD
Lets take CRT 1st
Isthe power light on -is power getting to the monitor?[ Is it Switched on dare I ask]
The data cable is firmly in place both ends?
Try the rotary controls for brightness contrast etc.,
Just give each a little twitch -A monitor[I assume it is existing one not 'New']left on the same control postiones can over a period of time develop little burns on the contact point in the control -simply moving the control a fraction will recreate contact]

Get hold of another monitor to plug it to the
'box' does it work?
If yes you have a dud monitor
If no you have a 'box' problem

  jonski 10:10 30 Aug 2004

Hi Jack, yes m8 we have tried `jiggling` the connections, we have also tried 2 different graphics cards and a CRT and an TFT monitor, none making any difference...there is also no system i said in an earlier thread we have taken the mobo back and got a replacement even though scan computers said the mobo was fine...everything is seated correctly, there is power to the monitor, of that i`m sure.

i`ve also cleared the CMOS jumpers and ensured they are in the correct position

the only other thing i can think of now is the CPU...

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