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  phill05 18:52 05 Sep 2009

Hi just started playing about designing a web site for myself have constucted some web pages in M/S Publisher when I come to Web page preview the navigation buttons are not seen.
I am running on XP pro with Internet explorer 8, have just installed the latest Sun Jave thought it might help.

Have tried preview on a laptop running Vista and the buttons are there and working, have checked settings between the two I/E's both are same.

Can anyone see what I am missing please.


  Forum Editor 00:35 06 Sep 2009

Publisher is a useful DTP application, but it's hopeless when it comes to HTML. Take his advice, and use one of the mainstream WYSIWYG applications, like NetObjects Fusion, or Microsoft Expression.

  phill05 07:14 06 Sep 2009

Many thanks for getting back to me so quick, as I have done a lot of the work on 12 pages would it be possible to export the layouts to one of the other programs you suggest?

Once again thanks for this advice.


  Forum Editor 13:20 06 Sep 2009

is 'no'.

Start from scratch. Irritating as it may be it will be the best way in the end.

  phill05 15:28 06 Sep 2009

Thanks again I should know there no short cuts.


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