New SSD and Windows install

  mrwoowoo 07:51 24 Mar 2013

I want to purchase a new motherboard and CPU upgrade. I know i will need to re install my Windows 7 O.S, but wish to keep my programmes and games intact. If i install my new SSD along with my upgrades, and then install Windows 7 onto the SSD, will i be able to still use my programmes and games as before on the original hard drive?

  Chronos the 2nd 08:21 24 Mar 2013

No,you will need to reinstall your programs and games on the new SSD.

But if you use Steam then you can, as I do, have that installed on another hard-drive and after installing Windows on the SSD opening Steam will repair/update the installation and you are good to go.

Unfortunately this does not work Origin (Crysis 3) and Uplay (FarCry 3) though there is a little trick you can pull with Origin to speed up the re-installation of your games.

Another little program I use to help speed up the installation of a lot of common programs that a lot of us use is to have a look at Ninite.

I have had to reinstall windows 7 on two SSD's this weekend,1 because of a mobo upgrade (Gigabyte Sniper M3) and the other because of a SSD failure. I tend to keep a back up of my programme .exe files on my NAS drive so reasonably painless to do a clean install of everything.

  mrwoowoo 15:04 24 Mar 2013

Thanks chronos. Can you tell me why my games won't still play on the original SATA hard drive?

Is it because the new O.S can only use programmes it has installed itself?

  Ian in Northampton 15:23 24 Mar 2013

"Is it because the new O.S can only use programmes it has installed itself?"

In effect, yes, When you install software, it makes changes to the operating system - notably the registry - which tell the OS where to find the software, what parameters it needs to run and so on. When you nwly install an operating system, the registry is 'clean' and (relatively) straightforward to it. Over time, as changes get made to your system - such as installing programs - the registry gets both larger and more complex. That's one of the reasons why utilities like CCleaner can be useful - because they clean all the crap out of the registry, making it less bloated and thus faster.

The exception to this is pretty much only when you run a 'self contained' .exe file, which has all the resources it needs bundled into it, and thus doesn't need to 'install' or to make changes to the registry.

  Chronos the 2nd 15:50 24 Mar 2013

I thought that I had pointed that out in my original post in relation to Origin and Uplay, but any other game or program for that matter will need to be reinstalled.

Before doing so I would find and copy the save game folder then install your game play it until you can save or it creates a save point then overwrite the created save folders with your copied ones. That way you will not have to replay the whole of the game again.

  mrwoowoo 23:59 24 Mar 2013

Thank you very much guys. Most helpful.

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