??new spybot programme available??

  end 19:58 06 May 2004

did I miss the posting somewhere, but is there a new version of spybot out now??? I thought i read in one of the threads somewhere that I cannot now find, that there IS something out.....

  cycoze 20:02 06 May 2004

This might be the thread click here .

  TommyRed 21:25 06 May 2004

This version, is it new and how come it's the first I've heard. My old Spybot hasn't updated for months. This one has a nice touch with the registry backup. TR

  VoG II 21:29 06 May 2004

I believe that is a beta version.

  powerless 21:35 06 May 2004

Not beta...

Release Candidate.

  end 22:19 06 May 2004

what does one mean by a beta version;??/do you mean a better version or....I took a look at the page and almost freaked out.....AND, will it run with Win 98?? havent had update for spybot for......

  VoG II 22:26 06 May 2004

A beta version is one that is released for evaluation outside of the organisation that made it. Beta testers are esteemed people, like our Forum Editor, who can comfortably recover if such trial software goes **** up.

Personally I am waiting for the full version to be available.

  end 22:43 06 May 2004

Yeys, I think I will allow them wot want to to "have play time" with their computers with the trial version, and wait while the air "turns blue".........when someone has something wot works as wot same it does on the tin then maybe.....

  VoG II 22:44 06 May 2004

Patience is a virtue, end. I'm waiting too.

  powerless 22:51 06 May 2004

it can now detect over 1000 spy thingemajiggs.

  end 23:04 06 May 2004

no disrespect to the programe , but I would have thought that there are far more than 1000 thingemigigs TO detect....

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