new speakers for computer

  mco 20:41 05 Jun 2004

Hi everyone - please could you give a simple answer to what I hope is a simple question (to a simple person!) Daughter's computer's speakers seem to have packed up , ie no sound coming out despite them being plugged in and the sound on on the pc. They're several years old and were cheap anyway so I don't mind buying new ones but my question is: is there anything complicated about buying speakers? Do they just plug in? Are there different connections that I need to be aware of? (Pc is 2 years old btw.) I only really want the most basic speakers I can get. I'm going off to Dixons/currys/pc world tomorrow. thanks.

  stalion 20:44 05 Jun 2004

speakers are standard connection on computers so you should be ok

  Charence 21:33 05 Jun 2004

For basic Stereo speakers, its normally just a simple standard connection. However, if you're planning to get a 5.1 surround sound system for PC they will have 6 sockets. 2 Left, 2 Right, 1 Centre and 1 Sub.


  Pidder 22:34 05 Jun 2004

My PC speakers (also cheapies) have a power (mains) connection as well as the line out from the PC. Are you sure its not just a bad mains connection? Do they have a "power on" indicator light?

  mco 22:46 05 Jun 2004

Pidder - hadn't thought of that but on reflection the only thing connecting them to pc is one line that branches off into each speaker. They don't have any lights on them - so maybe they are broken. Thanks all for help!

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