New Sky BB Disk not installing

  Migwell 17:38 18 Dec 2007

My Daughter has taken delivery of the Sky Broadband kit I have been trying to set the blasted thing up, it came with a net gear router very basic instructions that are as much use as a chocolate fire guard.

I put the disk into the CD and waited for it to install. After following what looked like very easy instructions at first. I waited, and I waited, the little red light on the computer flashed for quite some time and the barbers pole type indicator progressed until the last inch, whereupon it stopped. Waited then left it to it's own devices overnight but it still sat there. And we can't get any further.

Has any one any ideas please.

I am just thinking about installing an old sagem BB modem as we will not be using the router wireless part.

Thanks Migwell

  howard64 18:01 18 Dec 2007

this could be a firewall blocking problem - try uninstalling the prog from control panel add/remove progs if it is there. Reboot and get into safe mode - diconnect from the net and try installing again having switched off your firewall.

  Migwell 20:07 18 Dec 2007

Firewall (Zone Alarm) and Anti Virus (AVG) both switched off, but did not try safe mode.

I was wondering if any one has had problems installing this?

All four lights are on on the router, so I take it that there is an ADSL signal. Also cant find a way into the router setup as I did with my Lynksys by unless it is something different on this one.

  Dipso 21:01 18 Dec 2007

Lots of useful info at click here

  Tim1964 21:32 18 Dec 2007

You do not need/must NOT use the CD supplied. It serves no purpose at all.

All you need to do is connect the router via ethernet, connect to the phone line and turn it all on. When the lights are 'steady' you're set to go.

The setup page is and not

You will not be able to use another router as the username and password are in the firmware (it can be extracted but there is no need)

I suggest you remove anything that the disc has installed (probably just the so called free AV) and start again.

The reason the instructions are 'very basic' is that besides connecting the cables it requires no instructions anyway.

  Migwell 00:10 19 Dec 2007

Thanks Tim 1964 that sounds very interesting. I will have another go tomorrow.

I feels like some things are made so simple that they end up being hard, because you always look for more difficult solutions.

Mind having said that, when I plugged in the Ethernet cable nothing happened.

Hi Dipso thanks for your input. The router shown on that page is not the one supplied. It has no aerial and is just about black it also has a plate to plug into the end so it can be stood up vertically. It might be a new version as it only came last week>

  Dipso 08:06 19 Dec 2007

Yes, I believe Sky are now supplying a new version router manufactured by Sagem as well as a reboxed Netgear but the set up procedure is the same as the v1 and the router can be accessed using username: admin and password: sky. Following Tim1964's advice should get you sorted.

  dms05 08:37 19 Dec 2007

...and of course check Sky Broadband is active! What date did the Sky letter give for activation? Is the ADSL light lit up? Sky usually ship the router well before the Sky Broadband connection is activated.

Like the others I didn't use the Sky CD. Just plugged in and it all worked (but I had been using another BB connection with DHCP before)

  numskull 09:48 19 Dec 2007

The page that Dipso indicates suggests changing the router password. I did that and it caused problems! Sky told me to leave it alone and not to change it but then their technical department seems to think everyone are morons!

  dms05 15:11 19 Dec 2007

You may find this site useful click here

  Migwell 00:33 22 Dec 2007

I have just had a thought! could it be that the RJ11/LAN socket or whatever on the computer is not working as it should? If that is the case how could I get it working again?

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